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  1. I've picked them up at Barnes & Noble stores. They may be available online from them. I have only purchased them in the stores so I am unsure of online availability. Kirk
  2. Use them as palettes to test your airbrush. Kirk
  3. Am I remembering this correctly? Doesn't the Revell kit have a poor representation of the radiators and how they are mounted under the wings? I thought the Revell Spitfire missed the semi-recessed radiators and only had them mounted on a flat surface which is wrong for Spitfires.
  4. The F-16C Block 30 after serial number 86-0262 has the large mouth intake and lightweight landing gear. To convert the Tamiya Block 50 kit you would need the main gear doors, main landing gear legs, and wheels from the Tamiya Thunderbird Block 32 kit.
  5. Not a precedent with the Blue Angels. They flew the F11F Tiger for years after the Navy quit using them in squadron service. Probably the same with the F9F-8 Cougar.
  6. The recently released True Details P-47 wheels look a lot like the ones you would see on a restored or currently flying warbird. The tires have a modern tread pattern on them and probably wouldn't be appropriate for the WWII era. The backs of them also look a bit strange, maybe for a different style brake. Yes they have the eight spoke wheel but don't look period correct. Harold, we could really use a set of P-47N wheels with a correct tread pattern! Thanks, Kirk
  7. The " Pie " shape with the Y should be 463 not 63. Maybe just a typo...
  8. Are there any rumours or announcements that Roden will release a follow on O-2B to their O-2A kit? Thanks, Kirk Taylor
  9. Thanks guys, I get it about life getting in the way also...
  10. I thought I remembered someone working on a 1/32 scale PAVE TACK pod. Am I remembering correctly? I found a potential project that could use one of those pods. Thanks, Kirk Taylor
  11. Leading Edge did a real nice sheet on the SAAF Sabres, post Korean War in camouflage. You might be able to find a set from another member or on ebay. You will need to shorten the wing tips to do a SAAF Sabre. Kirk Taylor
  12. Love that place! I spent a couple of days there for a model show in 2002 and it was great. Thanks for posting your pictures. Kirk Taylor
  13. "We" (USAF) don't have F-16s with Para pack tails. Those are from the Taiwanese training squadron at Luke AFB. Those are actually Block 20 F-16As. They are kind of like a Block 52 with an F-16A vertical fin. Kirk Taylor
  14. AeroBonus makes one in 1/32 scale. May save yourself a lot of time... Kirk Taylor Sorry, re-read your post and saw you were looking at 1/18th scale. AeroBonus may still be helpful.
  15. Use the wheels from the Block 32 kit. They are correct for that time period. By 2010 ( change happened around 2002 if I remember correctly ) the Block 30/32 birds were using the updated wheels and brakes that are included in the Tamiya T-bird kit. Block 30/32 birds have the light weight gear and were NOT changed to Block 50 wheels and brakes. Block 40/42 birds did get the Block 50 wheels and brakes and that is probably what you read. Kirk Taylor
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