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  1. Kevin, yes it is still “active” but with the building speed of a snail....
  2. Thanks! Doing some research for my D, trying to figure out how to paint the beast.....and store it after building, so removable wings is a must.... keep up the good work!
  3. WoW! Great build! Did you modify the wings? to be removable? Jan
  4. Base color is on, not sure I like the green (MRP 138) so I put the model back on the shelf.....
  5. Thansk Chrish! Do you remeber on which sprue it was on? Jan
  6. What a great project! just a quick question, is the fairing for the bombardier astro dome included in the box? Whant to build a F model, that sadly crashed a few km from my house after a mid air collision with another B-17, and that has the same astro dome on the nose. Keep up the good work! Jan
  7. nice! which mrp olive drab did you use? Jan
  8. Some progress, not sure I will make it to the deadline.. Didn't use the profimodeller update set for the waist guns. Used the Eduard set for the glass nose. Next up are the wings, hope I can do some painting in the upcoming weeks. wings attached to see how big it will be.... need a bigger display case jan
  9. Hello Craig the set is from Ebay: https://www.ebay.nl/itm/1-32-B-25J-forward-compartment-detail-set-for-HK-models/202745510607?hash=item2f3492facf:g:bAsAAOSwRMtZZtG6 Jan
  10. Fuselage is closed now, but dropped it on the floor..... rapaired the damage. No time for modeling at the moment, but i hope i can go back to the workbence in oktober. Now in Germany on vacation and then to the USA for work. Jan
  11. Just orderd a set on ebay! Hope a company comes with some seat belts. Jan
  12. Thanks Guy's! I painted the Bomb bay aluminum That bay looks great! Thanks for the pic of the waist guns, this is very helpful. Jan
  13. verry little time for the hobby lately...... sprayed the interior and added some structure with styrene strips and added the radios etc. Now trying to understand the instructions of the profimodeller waist gun set And busy with the HGW seatbelts. until next time! Jan
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