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  1. the A-26K is almost finished. When its done I'll post pictures of it. It will be about another three or four weeks
  2. I am currently building a 1/32 tigger models kit as an A 26K. The size is huge but I've detailed the interior the bombay the wheel wells and the gunners area. Sure its a lot of work but the cost of resin kits are beyond my means. Its been about three years of work but Its also very enjoysble as far as work goes. The cost of a 1/32 scale resin one would inmy mind be prohibitive.
  3. YAAAAA HOOOOO about time. Please do Bernie Fisher's aircraft
  4. Looks good Jeff. LOve the antenna and interior work.
  5. Jeff Thats looking fantastic. Looks like you've got another winner in progress. Jerry
  6. Outstanding build, Saw it in person and it looks even better. Especially since it won a dogfight with a cat LOL
  7. Outstanding Job Jeff, You've done a bang up job Jerry
  8. Really nicely done. And an excellant job of airbrushing. Love the finish.
  9. I made mine in the machine shop at work . It was done using aluminum stock on a small mill.
  10. I've had a circle center finder for years. I first got it when I started doing scratch built ships. You'll find it an extremely useful tool. I don't know how I got along without it.
  11. Thanks for the tip. I knew I should have gotten the Combat kit. LOL I'm correcting the problem in a similar way. Only I'm using sheet styrene. The construction seems OK and Its fairly easy to work with. Thanks for the heads up. And continue the geat build.
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