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    feel free to ask via msn..much asier to get info fast :) straight from the kitchen..lolworking on 1:1 scale models

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  1. wohaa.. another 88 and what a build.. looking forward to see this complete
  2. cooool love the details and the scheme. looking great nice done
  3. problem.. the green and sky has the same code here and i cant find them in RAL codes.. Dark Green = FS34079 Earth = FS30118 Sky = FS34079 ?? anybody who knows ?
  4. thanks a lot . this helps ( we are painting a 1:1 scale glassfiber hurricane and not sure of the colour codes )
  5. can anybody help me with the correct colourcodes for a 1940 BoB Hurricane ?
  6. Happy new year folks and the gloves .. Maybe that is why I have problems with the details.. Try work without them the next time its a nice hobby room but it is at work and the 1:1 scales do take most of the time .. But a little done now and then makes a model in the end wish you all a great 2012
  7. trying to catch up with a few builds.. hoping to get a couple done, to many halfbuildt laying around so put my act together..cleaned the bobbyroom at work and and wil get something done..someday..soon..i hope..when i have time between the 1:1 scales hope you all got what you wanted for X-Mas
  8. the armour seat was not installed in the early versions of the Heinkel 111 and Ju88..as the need for that became clearer later in the war..( not much later actually ) first it was fieldmade..then factorymade.. I think i posted some good pics of the front part of the gondola here from our He 111, as that was made from factorydrawings of the P version bola ( back in the 70`s when it was restored ) hope you all had a nice x-mas.. trying to get some modeling done between battles..but not much lately..to much work
  9. never seen that lamp used in a He 111..only Ju 88.. do you ahve any pics or drawings showing hat lamp in He 111- all my documentation says that the He 111 used the smaller long thin lamp.. always learning about these planes.. but never seen that used in Heinkel.. cool stuff anyway.
  10. just awsome nice to see such details Love it
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