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  1. I made a start on the Bubbletop version of this kit. I'm really glad that someone else is taking one on at the same time! I've started with the engine, ducting and cowling. Inaccuracies all over shop. The engineering is so solid that I had to question myself quite heavily. Kinetic (well...Vintage) appear absolutely CERTAIN that the engine should be built wonky.
  2. Found a picture that includes the "perforated X" in early Luftwaffe bombers. https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-0ysIp41XeEE/VuLQZmktp0I/AAAAAAAAQNE/MOtRhTJtIjU9ayzgaf4wJ7RMNPHXNABag/s1600/img178.jpg A drift sight, apparently! Hope this helps, not sure if the mystery has been solved.
  3. I went hunting for reviews and analysis of the Fly kit and found this thread. STUNNING, STUNNING work! Some great ideas for problem solving....thankyou, Quang for sharing!
  4. Hello all At the moment, I use stripped multi-core electrical wire for detailing. Obviously, the wires themselves are copper. I airbrush them in whatever colour I need, but the paint is so easy to scrape/chip/damage, especially if it needs wound around something. Is there such a thing as equally fine wire, but in (resilient) colours? Thanks!
  5. Is her weathering natural or is she "just drawn that way?" .... if you know what I mean? Slightly separate note.... excellent pictures! I missed ~90% of her display at Ayr
  6. Looks great! Sadly, it's not on my list of "must-build" (photo-recce isn't my thing) but.... if you're working on a family of '262 conversions, who knows what I might shell out for in the future
  7. Also, does anyone have pictures of the undercarriage door retraction mechanisms? Thanks!
  8. Hello all Does anyone have pictures on how the radiator bath sits against the wheel wells? From pictures, it looks like when the undercarriage doors are closed, there is a "step" between the wheel bay and the radiator. I am building the 1/48 Revell kit and this section doesn't quite look right, but i'm short on pictures to back that up (or put my concerns to rest!)
  9. Hi! First post...and it's almost thread-necro. Sorry about that! Firstly- this thread and the work it represents is AMAZING! Onto the content..... Given the information presented in these pics: (sorry, after 53 pages, I felt it easier to re-upload than dig and link) Does the pipe pass neatly underneath the tailplane spar? I am doing some scratch-building and after following the pictures as closely as my skills allow, things are not quite fitting together. I am also paying "passive" attention to the Profimodeller aftermarket kit, but putting these pictures first.
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