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  1. I started this one fairly recently as its been sat around for ages. The engine is as detailed as it gets as its not visible in the finished model apart from the area seen through the front of the open wheel bay. I've been looking all over the web for decent pictures or drawings of the plumbing that can be seen in this area i.e. lower rear of engine and wheel bay but nothing that really helps me so far. Cockpit tub is finished, seat is finished & waiting for the RB fabric seat belts fitting & I'm pretty much at the sarge of closing up the fuselage once I work out what additional plum
  2. A few more pictures [/url]IMG_1464 by martin smith, on Flickr">http://IMG_1464 by martin smith, on Flickr [/url] >IMG_1462 by martin smith, on Flickr">http://IMG_1462 by martin smith, on Flickr [/url] >IMG_1466 by martin smith, on Flickr">http://IMG_1466 by martin smith, on Flickr
  3. When I left the hobby a couple of years ago I had some started but unfinished models so this is the first of those partially completed models to be finished, well almost, a little bit more weathering maybe but I'm calling it finished. I now have to work out how to make a realistic base instead of the bare black plastic of the display case. I am having some issue posting images from Flickr so please bear with me. http://IMG_1463 by martin smith, on Flickr http://IMG_1465 by martin smith, on Flickr http://IMG_1468 by martin smith, on Flickr http://IMG_1467 by martin smith, on F
  4. Evening everyone, I'm just getting back into the hobby after a couple of years away & have picked up on my Dragon BF110 which I started some time ago. I know the instructions are terrible but I can't find info on the wheel bays, namely parts N12 &'13 F34 & 35 I am reading the instructions as N12 & F34 go together as do N13 & F35 but I know these are handed sub assemblies so don't want to get it the wrong way round. Can anyone please confirm that before I put glue to them Thanks, Martin
  5. That was my intention too Tim, maybe even buy the Aries set for the Tamiya kit & see if its possible to scale it up & have a 3D printer guy have a go at making a set. I'm still looking & planning how to scratch a new interior for it & I'll keep plugging away but I also dragged out of the stash the BF110 from Dragon & the 1:24 Trumpy FW190 D9, both around 40% complete so they may now take the place of the Beau on the bench while I `build` my confidence & skills up again.
  6. Morning Derek, After a 2 year hiatus from modelling due to motorcycle racing I now have a much newer race bike (Suzuki GSXR 1000) requiring a lot less preperation over the long Ontario winter so last night I hit the stash & the first kit that came out was the 1/32 Beaufighter so I'm just wondering how the interior detail sets are coming along? You never see the 1/32 Beau on contest tables & would love to put one on there in 2017 but sadly my scratch building skills are not that great. If your set is close to completion or even if you have pre production/pr
  7. Thx for all the comments guys, much appreciated. Next up is the Trumpy 1/24 FW190 D9. I'm trying to get it finished in time for the IPMS London (Ontario) show at end of Sept, not sure if that will happen or not though. Happy modelling, Martin
  8. Morning guys, I am building Trumpy's 1/24 FW190-D9 & wondered if anyone has any decent pictures of the main wheelbay area & the open area of the wheelbay aft of the engine (as I know there would be engine pipe work etc visible in this area) as I want to add some extra detail to this area. I did a Google search & did find a few pictures but wondered if LSP'ers have anything that's not on the web. On another note I've just returned yesterday from a business trip to Nagoya in Japan & found an amazing hobby store, Tam Tam I think it was called. They h
  9. This was an old bagged kit (without instructions) I had lying around so I started it & it was surprisingly fun to build, even the rigging probably because its not too complicated. It finished up around 13" long. Happy modelling everyone, Martin
  10. My ex-wife might dissagree with you on that statement Kevin but thanks for the kind comment Martin
  11. Built this for a workmate, who'd had the kit for years & asked if I'd do a quick build of it for him, which I gladly did. All in all it took me 8 hours to complete & the kit actually went together really well..............I didnt put any work into references or AM, just built it as he requested me to do & enjoyed doing it. Happy modelling folks, Martin
  12. Now heres a story...........I was well underway with this build, cokpit & engine finished, fuselage halves joined up when a freinds little boy had been looking at my part built model & unfortunately he left it on the floor (as kids do & no, I wasnt mad with him afterwards, its a just bit of plastic, no biggie really) when I promptly stepped on it during the night completely destroying the fuselage & cockpit. I put the kit away for many moons & then dragged it out, basically to throw it away during a clear out when I realised the kit came with clear plastic fuselage halves.
  13. Soooooooooo, was browsing in my local hobby store a while back & started looking at the 1/72 kits & the began remembering the excitement as a kid in my native UK of going shopping every Saturday with my mom & being allowed to buy a cheap small scale kit to build that night. I wondered if they still held that excitement for me or would only a $150 1/32 kit with loads of AM do it now? Before I knew it I had the Typhoon in my hand & it was a steal at $8.00. Do you know what, I was still excited, I couldnt wait to get home, open the box, start building like I did all those years
  14. Fantastic paint & weathering, well done. Martin
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