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  1. Well Tamiya, It's about time for an F-101 or F-102, I would say. Enough props now, time for jets...!
  2. It seems a very wel detailed kit to me, BUT: There is no detail at all at the side walls of the cockpit ???
  3. What about a 1 :32 Tamiya Starfighter ??? Check Cybermodel online - and check the Tamiya website. Or is it a model of only a pilot figure or is it a complete kit with a pilot figure ? Anyone knows more ?? Pieter
  4. Whooow...A two seat F-106 ! I am glad for the 1:48 modellers.. And then an upscale to 1 : 32....(in 2015/16 ?)..
  5. Tim: Thank you.... Jamme: I missed your build !, very interesting ,thanks, gr, Pieter
  6. Also finally got the F -104 kit from Italeri in my hands this weekend.... Despite the sometimes a little negative stories on the internet, I would like to make any personal comments about this kit : This is not another in box review, but only a little story about a new kit.. (Thanks Dave for your inbox review elswhere in this forum) Pluses : + 1st impression: Nice great box with lots of stuff (The Right Stuff, hi,hi.... .) + Big and clear instruction book + As already noted by others, a great step forward compared to the old Hasegawa and Revell kit + I think the price is not too high ,
  7. Look at the Italeri website. Now they have added new pictures from their F-104, already complete builded....... gr, Pieter
  8. Hee, Onosendai, that's more like it !, Thanks for the info and the facebook link, gr, Pieter
  9. Here we go again...., Onosendai, do you have the kit in hands, yes or no ??
  10. Thanks Thierry, for this very first compact real story about this kit ! Gr, Pieter
  11. Thanks, for that compliment again Erik, long time no see.... Back on topic: Anyone already have seen the kit in stock ? Gr. Pieter
  12. Pete, Is there enough space for al the details your adding....? Very, very impressive Pete !!
  13. Indeed Kagemusha, that's a long time ago.....
  14. It's a model that I already made in 1985..... See for a few more pics in the Galery's under F-104 Gr. Pieter
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