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  1. I remember that kit. There was also an olive green plastic screw-together B-25H that I built many years ago. Sorry I can't remember the manufacturer but Aurora sounds familiar. Good luck with your search.
  2. If selecting the Kinetic/Italeri F-86F kit Spruebrothers has several corrections and accessories in stock such as Sugar Scoops, nose intake ring and gun panels, cockpits, wheels, 120 combat and 200 gallon drop tanks with pylons, pitot tube, ejection seats, wheel bays, undercarriage covers, landing gear, etc. Pete
  3. If you like a challenge Kitty Hawk produced an F-86D Sabre Dog. As most of us do I usually search for specific kit reviews before deciding which one to buy. Whether you buy there or not searching eBay for 1/32 F-86 will provide most kits, cockpits, decals and accessories generally available. I saw 2 RCAF F-86 decal sets listed on ebay today. Spruebrothers is also a good resource, especially for the excellent AMS products. Good luck with your project. Pete
  4. F4U-5/5N H03S/H-5 Dragonfly H-19 Chickasaw H-34 Chocktaw F-82 Twin Mustang A-37 Super Tweet
  5. I placed 4 or 5 orders with them over the last 6 months without problems. I registered with the website so I was able to check order status. For example I ordered Berna French Bearcat decals that I couldn't find anywhere else in the US. The item status was "available" when I ordered. A couple of weeks later the order status was "in progress". About a week later I received an email that my order was shipped and received it a few days later. I think my other orders took about 3 weeks to be processed. So far I've been lucky not to have any issues with them. If I'm not mistaken the Kitlinx owner used to operate the defunct Greatmodels Webstore that I used to rely on quite a bit, especially for product reviews.
  6. Thanks very much for everyone's informative and interesting contributions on this subject. I learned a lot and will pursue more research as suggested. I find learning the historical and technical aspects of each aircraft just as rewarding as trying to build a representative model. I admire and respect those with the skills to fly them. Your time and interest in responding to my questions is greatly appreciated. Any and all comments are welcome. Pete
  7. Hi quang. Thanks for pointing out the original purpose of the AD-5 and development of the A-1E. I get lost in the "seeing is believing" mindset. Your logical explanation is very helpful and appreciated. I have some time before tackling the Fisher A-1E conversion so the more information and research acquired the better. I'm still toying with the idea of modifying it to an AD-5. The exchange of ideas and information provided by the members and visitors to these forums is an invaluable resource. Many thanks to everyone. Best regards, Pete
  8. Thank you for your fast reply. What confuses me is that I can't see any evidence of the heavy bolts used to attach belly armor plates on any of the pictures showing the underside of fat face airframes. I don't know if they could be welded. Of course you're right that many variations between the same version aircraft are likely even within the same unit. I shouldn't be so focused on details like this. Lesson learned. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you for the heads-up and your tireless work to keep the website working for everyone. Pete
  10. As indicated in the title I need some help determining if the AD-5 or A1-E normally had armor on the forward fuselage and/or belly. I scoured all images and references I could find. None of those aircraft seem to have armored panels that I could see. My eyesight might not be the best. The reason I ask is that the Paul Fisher instructions show the belly armor in one image but I don't see it on the other. I don't see armor on the fat face kits' fuselage either. I know how thorough Mr. Fisher's excellent work is so I'm questioning the accuracy of what I think I see in reference books and on the internet. I would appreciate if someone could please point me in the right direction or provide definitive information. Thank you for your interest. Pete
  11. Either way, we're just trying to help a fellow modeler. You posted a better link that I hope he finds useful.
  12. The eBay listing I referred to does have Revell's version of bench seats. The image of the Revell of Germany kit sprues you linked are more clear though. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1969-Revell-1-32-Bell-UH-1D-Huey-Helicopter-H-286-Parts-Rebuild-Junk-/133912597758?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  13. There's a junk kit H-286 of the Revell Huey slick on eBay, only good for a few parts. The images include the troop bench seats to give you an idea what they look like.
  14. Thanks a million Jari. You always provide the best, most helpful and interesting information to everyone. I appreciate it very much. I bookmarked that webpage. The Verlinden deck mules and tractors appear to be largely out of proportion. The Zoukeimura MD-3 details are more refined and subtle and is narrower than Verlinden. I'm still not sure which is more dimentially accurate but to my eye either one could look good.
  15. The dimensions of the 1/32 Zoukeimura and Verlinden MD-3 mules are vastly different. Does anyone know which one, if either, is more accurate? If this has been discussed somewhere before I can't find it. Also, would they have been yellow or white in the mid to late 1980s? Google has not been my friend. Thanks, Pete
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