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  1. Wow. As always you have done some amazing and very informative work. Thank you for sharing, Chris
  2. Congratulations on the retirement Chuck. It has to be both liberating and a little scary. The oil and gas industry here in Alberta has definitely changed over the last few years as you mentioned. Good time to get out. Although you no longer have the work commitments I’m sure you will keep busy. Hopefully not so busy you can’t find the time to amaze us with your incredible builds and always educational postings you give us. Keep up the great work, Chris
  3. I have had success with this website: Live Resin - unfinished paintable resin figures in 1/35 scale. Accessories for military dioramas, armor models, model kits (live-resin.com) Chris Sorry I missed the reply.
  4. Truly amazing. Thank you for sharing this with us. It will be great to see the next "Little Bird" you are creating. :-) Stay safe, Chris
  5. An amazing build. You have gathered some great reference photos. Are you thinking (please, please) of putting together a book similar to the others you have done with Reid Air Publications? Or work with Kevin? Just asking... Thank you for some great inspiration. Happy modeling, Chris
  6. Hello, Just found this thread. As has been said before "WOW" just doesn't seam adequate to cover this amazing build. Incredible attention to detail and fantastic research information you are sharing. I have the Tamiya 1/32 scale kit in my stash and will be using your build as inspiration when I actually start putting plastic together. Thank you for sharing your work with us. I have to admit it is good to see someone such as yourself who is willing to share when things don't go well and what you did to overcome the errors. It gives hope to those of us (me anyway) who are basic modelers and struggle with the hobby. It helps keep the mo-jo going. Stay safe, Chris
  7. Looks great. I love how you add the connectors to the wiring. It definitely adds to the realism of the kit. It must be a PITA to line up and drill the little holes in the plastic to attach the wires to. Do you have a method to this? Do you poke the center first with a pin or something, then drill? Stay safe, Chris
  8. That cockpit looks amazing. Sorry to hear the Eduard Engine is not worth it, the pictures make it look pretty good. Happy modeling, Chris
  9. WOW! Fantastic scratch building. Very precise. A pleasure to follow. Take care, Chris
  10. Sorry for what is probably going to be a dumb question: "Mr. Black"? Can you elaborate? As has been mentioned before, this build is truly inspirational. Thank you. Take care, Chris
  11. This is an ambitious project. Should be a good one to follow. Waiting on pictures. Chris
  12. Wow! Great job with the fiddly PE work! Looks amazing, Chris
  13. Raising the long gone, but... Just saw this and am amazed and truly inspired by the great craftsmanship I see here. Beautiful work. I love the attention to detail with the cameras and even the squadron mascot.
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