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  1. On 3/17/2020 at 1:30 AM, Alain Gadbois said:

    Looks great and different from the usual paint scheme! One thing: why the insignia on the top right wing?




    there are so many variations on this, some photos show it some dont, once i built it it looked bare so added it

  2. ive just spent an hour reading the official UK detailed report (for work)


    the 'live' virus can reinfect up to 14hrs from on hard surfaces, other surfaces such as carpets clothing, potentially longer if the virus has something to feed off, ie dirt and grime


    scientist believe the virus does not go dormant and then come back to life (which some virus's do) so when is dead its gone


    Hand washing will NOT kill the virus, however it should remove it off your skin, its touching things then touching your face, mouth (including cups and utensils, that spread the virus


    Alcohol gel if its over 60% will kill the virus however alot of alcohol gels you get in shops are 40% so are not effective, the only other know form of killer is 1000c of heat, so unless you nuke yourself (not advisable) thats it


    they predict the virus, will kill its self within 3-4 months,  and all the panic will be over


    the virus its self is NOT a flu virus, it is a virus that gives the same symptoms as the flu, however it drastically lowers your immune system, when people die they dont die directly from COVID they die of a secondary illness, possibly even a common cold


    hope that clarifies things, this info is from the UK official guidance given to quarantine teams

  3. so here we go, however i dont think this will take too long, im going OOB for this one

    after an hour this morning





    however i have hit a stumbling block, i dont have any orange, well thats not true, i have some hataka orange, but im hit and miss with them, this is a new bottle out of a set, ill give it a go



    (it is orange when shaken)

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