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  1. Any good sources? Has anyone checked the Revell kit, is it close? Dan
  2. Great start Rick, I really like the subject! Dan
  3. Kool! Thanks for all the work to make this happen! Dan
  4. Great recovery on the issues! Really looking great! Dan
  5. That looks great Gaz, really like the paint work. Dan
  6. Gorgeous build! Love these migs in theme colors! Dan
  7. Shawn, are you off your meds buddy? Really neat diorama idea. Dan
  8. Really neat build and a tragic story! I wasn't aware of this incident. Well done! Dan
  9. Beautiful build, great work on the weathering! Dan
  10. Excellent detail work, looks great! That old girl is a definite challenge. I put my Revell G model on the shelf for a time out. Dan
  11. Neat video, I live in SE Missouri and I'm pretty sure I heard them flyover when they went to Syria in '17. I live out in the country we don't hear any jets, but that day I actually stopped and looked up and thought somethings up.....:) When I was stationed at March AFB in Ca. our operators/controllers did some of the radar tests with the B-2. Dan
  12. Your on the home stretch with this one Max! Love the detail work in the "fighting compartment". Dan
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