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  1. Kev, welcome back! It's great to see you back at the bench, hopefully with Mrs Kev all better this is a new chapter for you. I for one will be watching and quietly cheering. Jim
  2. Gotta say, I loved it ... can't get enough of that stuff. Thanks! Jim
  3. Iain, what a moment! It looks terrific, too - you must've dreamed about this one for years. Well done. Jim
  4. Looking good Steve. Hope the knee comes good soon, I've had all kinds of knee drama (stemming from a 20 year old rugby injury from my time in Texas), but never had to go all the way to surgery. Yet. Good luck mate. Jim
  5. Looks terrific mate - always good to see someone with the stones to take on foiling. Jim
  6. I'd try cutting concentric circles in Tamiya tape, then make one cut through the circle. You've now got a circular strip of tape which is more or less the same size as the tyre demarcation (it doesn't have to be exact). You lay it down over the wheel and can adjust the size by overlapping the ends of the strip. Works for me - there are some awesome suggestions on the thread so far so I'm sure you'll be right. Jim
  7. Brilliant, Karim - the hammered metal effect on the cowl is superb, as is the weathering. Bravo! Jim
  8. Wow, Bryan! That looks absolutely fantastic - under paint, I couldn't tell that it isn't a top notch resin or IM kit. Amazing! Jim
  9. Phenomenal!! How can you possibly have achieved so much in such a short time??? Jim
  10. Wow, really crisp work. Well done, I love the cockpit. Jim
  11. Wow!! That Eduard stuff is amazing isn't it ... Jim
  12. Hey Vaughn, awesome to see you back at this one. How did four years go past so quickly? Jim
  13. Bloody amazing is what it is ... great work Iain. Are you going to make some of the fuselage removable so it's not all buried forever? Jim
  14. Wow!! This is some premium modelling, and on my favourite jet! Great work Fanch. Jim
  15. Sweet mottling, Andy ... I couldn't do that. Well done. Jim
  16. The Lego idea is just terrific Peter ... as always it's a sheer pleasure to watch you solving problems. Jim
  17. Wow, Mike ... resplendent indeed. Beautiful work. Jim
  18. Wow, awesome! What an unusual subject, this will be really entertaining. Decals or masks? Jim
  19. Ooh, super! I love what you've done with the belts and buckles. Seat looks terrific, well done. Jim
  20. Phenomenal, Pascal ... awesome scratch work. This is such a pleasure to watch. Jim
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