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  1. This 1/35 scale set is now available once again you can find it listed under 1/35 Cobra Co. sets at www.lonestarmodels.com
  2. First I hope you all have a safe celebration this evening and a fantastic 2019. The Cobra Company/ LSM 1/35 UH-1B set is now available and listed on my site at WWW.LONESTARMODELS.COM
  3. Troy, Chris had made patterns for the 1/32 OH-58 too but did not finish them. I have them here and may try and finish that set. If any of you have interior info for a War time OH6 I could use it. I have managed to find some on the web but more is always helpful.
  4. Troy and others, Yes I plan to address the Revell OH6 kit. Also I am now casting the parts for the 1/35 UH-1B so after the holidays it will be listed at www.lonestarmodels.com Merry Christmas Mike
  5. Been away from this group a while. Of the close to 150 Cobra Company sets I am about half way to having all of them remolded and available once again. I have poste around ten sets on my sit in the past two weeks. . I will be re-releasing the 1/35 UH-1B conversion in a week or two. One of the reasons it was discontinued was the warpage problem with the main rotor blades. I am attempting to solve this. Thanks! Mike at LSMODELS@PDQ.NET PS, I will release the 1/32 5" 51 naval gun as used on Wake Island in the coming months
  6. due to many requests I have re-released the old 1/32 cockpit set. It can be used in the Revell or Trumpeter kits
  7. Sorry to have been absent from this group so much. A lot is going on here. First off I have hired someone to update/redesign my web site. Until this is done the editing feature is locked. I am unable to add any new products. Not really a big deal The re-do should be finished in 3 or 4 weeks and then go live. At first the site will be only 5 pages . This is temporary until I understand the new format and re populate a few more pages like the Cobra line. The 1/32 Cobra sets are one of the smaller categories and all are almost remolded and available again. The 1/48 ,1/72 and 1/35 will tak
  8. Recently one of my local commission customers passed away. He was into large scale aircraft. I will have as much of his collection as I can bring with me in Omaha next week. Please come by and see me if you are there. If you have an ad from another vendor Brick and mortar or on line, bring it by and I will beat it. Also I have some 1/32 Husky detail sets with me. Hope to see you there, Mike
  9. there is a e-mail link on my site. I reply to all but it seems many never receive a reply. Don't know why. This may be why I get so many inquiries and never hear back either? What is posted on my page is pretty much all I have right now. After the IPMS Nationals there will be some re-release items posted. I have gotten more re-molded but decided not to post them yet. I am swamped trying to get ready for this event. I will have some of them with me in Omaha.
  10. Maybe not quite fitting into the theme of this site but a 1/48 Cletrac Tow vehicle will be released at the upcoming IPMS Nationals. It is all resin, no etched parts. The drive and return wheels are computer generated so no clean up on these very delicate parts.
  11. AH-1G pit and wings are being molded this weekend 3/11/17 will be available late next week. HTH, Mike
  12. what ever is listed on the Cobra page is all that I have. I will begin remaking molds this weekend but these two are not on the to do list for a while. Mike
  13. Coming back soon 1/32 Hawk Kaman H-43B Huskie detail set first of many!
  14. It will be a while before I have it all molded. There are 150 sets and some have a lot of parts.
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