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  1. hello all, Have done some work on the bow door, actually, I started all over again, so part 4 of the bow doors. The front lower part hinged inside when the ship hit the beach. I also started on the the cargo. enjoy, Rammstein
  2. hello all, At some point you have to say enough detailling, more will do the model no good, so I finished the winch, maybe some covers for the gears, but that will be it. the black gears are not glued yet, must paint them seperately the winch placed on the LSM I have to make the cable, then the winch is ready to paint. enjoy, Rammstein
  3. hello all, something more done on the diesel engine, completed the casing, and added some detail. one more axle placed together with some gear mechanisme for the cable rollers enjoy, Rammstein
  4. hello all, Thanks dodgem 37 cable rollers, that will do for me. A pity when the upper deck is placed, there is to much to be seen. starting on the casing for the diesel engine then placed behind the winch, also the rope drum is finished. seen from different angles more detailling to do, enjoy, Rammstein
  5. hello all, Done some more work on the stern winch, I do not know the correct word for it, but you will see what I mean and find out where it is for. placed on the winch, also rope drum dryfitted temporarely placed on the LSM also finished the 10 inch chock, ready to make a mould and cast it enjoy Rammstein
  6. hello dodgem 37, The black gear is by Plastruct, the orange gear is from a winch by Graupner, the plans you refer to is that for the LSM or for something else? Rammstein
  7. hello all, Small up-date on the stern winch, some more items placed. enjoy Rammstein
  8. hello all, all the parts glued together, it looks something like this the winch placed on the ship aft next extra detailling, then the diesel engine enjoy, Rammstein
  9. hello all, USMC Herc not all items are glued to the ship, with painting in mind. Starting on the stern anchor winch, some of the parts. now glueing them together. Rammstein
  10. hello dodgem37, the tube behind the 40 mm bofors is for Mk 51 AA director
  11. hello all, thanks for the kind replies, I also look forward to paint this monster. Done some work on the bow doors, this is how it looks until now overall view aft 20mm gun on the starboard side still has to be installed, but first I have to make the aft anchor winch I finally deceided what the diorama will look like, one drawback, my diorama base is too small enjoy, Rammstein
  12. hello all have made one of the 20mm platforms, the one in front of the bridge, 2 more to go enjoy Rammstein
  13. Hello dodgem 37 Still have to make the platforms, foldable platforms, the shell bags where not included in the kit, but I have some of the CMK kit. regards Rammstein
  14. hello all, up-dating the 20mm tubs ,added cooling tube, stowage case and tool box enjoy, Rammstein
  15. hello all, Now that all the fire plugs are made and placed, it is time to make a cable reel. It all starts with 2 disks making some holes into them starting to make the cable reel supports, together with the center piece all the pieces together, to make the reel the pieces glued together the finished cable reel the cable reel placed on board LSM behind the air vent enjoy, Rammstein
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