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  1. hello all, Time flies, some up-date not that much done, made supports under the 20mm ammo boxes placed some guards on vehicle deck starting on the 10'' chocks fill in the void with milliput just make one cast the other. enjoy, Rammstein
  2. hello all, 2 balsa rafts on their support, 3 more to go Rammstein
  3. hello all, I had hoped I could enlarge the photo I had posted.I post it again. It really starts to look like a LSM, I am very satisfied with the result until now. regards, Rammstein
  4. hello all, Seems I am back in business, glued some 20mm ammo boxes on the 20 mm tubs 25 man balsa raft further detailled the making of some bands around the floats, wrap some wire around a piece of strip, and cut cut some paper tape and insert into square fold it double repeat for the other side place it onto the balsa raft repeat this 18 times and 1 raft is done, here I am halfway last photo is of the raft supports enjoy Rammstein
  5. hello all, Does anyone have an idea why can not post photo's? rammstein
  6. hello , I can't open them also, I am not able to post them again. Rammstein
  7. hello all, the 20mm ammo lockers have been cast, now it is time to extra detail the locker., making of the locking screws. twist some wire around a drill, bent some wire in u_ shape, drill holes and glue cut to lenght, glue a disk onto the wire, and glue a ring on top of this, repeat it 10 times and one ammo locker is finished, still 3 lockers to go also some work done on the forward 40mm bofors tub, and MK 51 director tub. enjoy, Rammstein
  8. hello all, just made another 20mm ammo box, wasn't satisfied with the first one.I show you step by step. 1: sides and front/back 2: top and bottom twice 3: the section between the box and hood, 3 different thickness of sheet plastic this the result 4: making of the hood end result now I can make a mould and cast some more, lot of detailling to do too. enjoy, Rammstein
  9. hello all, dodgem37: lenght will be +- 1m77 thierry laurent: thanks for the info BTR-50 and T-55 Tirans wow, but I will keep it in WW2 time frame. Started on the 25 men balsa life rafts. styreen is evergreen n° 199 ; 6,3 x 6,3 mm the build is straight forward, not difficult to do, just styreen and etch, cutting and sanding the making of the wooden floor, I make it once, cast then 2 times. Tape 11 strips of 2mm width remove second, forth, sixth etc strip and tape it glue a strip over these strips, make sure everything is square repeat this 14 times just cut out and sand just to fill in some voids, and sand it it will look like this, a lot of detailing to do, all the etch which is visible through the squares must be removed enjoy, Rammstein
  10. hello all, Some work done on the 20mm oerlikon platforms, placed the rungs detailled the shell for the anchor placed the navigation lights on the bridge and placed the supports for the venturi windshield placed some supports under the aft deck some photo's of the build so far enjoy, Rammstein
  11. hello all, I deleted last photo in photobucket so todays work, making some lockers glue the sheets together and detail them these lockers will come beside the bridge on the other side of the bridge I made another vent then starting to build the navigation lights enjoy, Rammstein
  12. hello all, the pyro locker detailled, and placed on ship enjoy, Rammstein
  13. hello all, this weekend I made the 40 mm bofors gun by Italeri, aluminum barrel is underway, also up-dated one 20 mm oerlikon a 20 mm ammo locker, must have 4 of these also made the pyro locker, cut some plastic 1mm thickness ( 20mm ammo locker is made the same way) glue together, glue some more sheets plastic onto it in different thicknesses, on the right is the hood detail the hood the hood is glued onto the box, above is another hood which will come on top of the hood some more detail work has to be done enjoy, Rammstein
  14. hello all, not done much this week, making of the tie down bar on the flag bag. I cut of the top of some stanchions (PE by scale link) then glue onto the flag bag, I also made a vent, I completely forgot this one I made 10 5 gallon jerry cans by Italeri they will be placed nearby one of the vents enjoy, Rammstein
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