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  1. hello all, Juggernut I will post how I made it, hopefully you will benefit from it. I do not have any photo reference how I made the vegitable locker, but I do have photo's regarding build main mast. into place on vehicle deck main mast dry fitted with radar on top, radar is by Italeri from the PT conversion set I made the yardarm , main mast in the back, with a working platform in between the eyes in the yardarm are made with a drill, insert a thin wire and than drill thickness of the drill is 0.9mm, this will be also the diametre of the eye, cut to lenght and glue. The making of the platform is straight forward, draw 2 circles on a piece of sheet, cut out and sand, drill a hole for the mast, a piece of strip is glued in the center resembling a support and a piece of sheet is glued on the side. the platform is glued in place, then the yardarm, this is how it looks regards, Rammstein
  2. hello all, Vandy : the 20mm is from PT conversion kit by Italeri. next up date is regarding vents, there are 3 different types, this the largest one the other is a little lower I made one then casted the rest this is the smallest one placed on the bow structure enjoy, Rammstein
  3. hello all, as said above fitting out time,I made one 10'' bollard, and casted them 10'' 10'' bollards finished in place some hatches, same procedure make 1 cast the others in place some more work done on the bridge, the door has fallen of enjoy, Rammstein
  4. hello blackbetty , yes it will swim, like a rock, straight to the bottom.
  5. hello all, some more work on the bridge and on overlapping the spaces on vehicle deck one more photo of ruddes and props lower part of the bow made and bow ramp placed bow ramp seen from vehicle deck so far the easy part has been done , now it is fitting out time, some 20mm dry fitted bulwarks in place enjoy, Rammstein
  6. Hello all, Now that the underside aft is made, it is time to make propellers, and rudders propeller supports in place then it was time to instal the rudders, I only made one I casted the other the Original one and the 2 resin rudders both rudders in place enjoy Rammstein
  7. hello all, Blackcollar, reference are plans by floating drydock, and photo's by navy source LSP-kevin styrene sheet arefrom Vink NV in Belgium, bought via a friend/modelstore Thanks Barry Gewehr 43 every great things begin small. some more photo's of the bullwark, the inside of the bullwark Also the complete forward structure of the bow is made, bullwark dry fit in place the hull bottom is put in place work on the upper part of the bow ramp, holes drilled and anti skid strips placed enjoy Rammstein
  8. hello Out2gtcha, I still don't know what I am going to do with it, first I wanted some LVT's in it but they weren't used for LVT, LVT came allmost allways out LST, same for DUKW's, maybe artillery 105's and GMC's, or something else every suggestion is welkom. Rammstein
  9. hello all, Now it is time to bring on the hull plating,round tubing are glued in place, then , I cut out 2 large pieces of sheet styrene, resembling the hull sides, and glue them into place the bow is curved towards the front and towards the bottem, to achive this I cut gently every mm, in doing this the styrene starts to curve that something went wrong is also Obvious in the above photo, but this will be corrected in no time. The port side with its anchor shell Letting it all dry overnight , starting on the bulkheads. Each bulkhead has over 500 rivets, my punch and die has done some overtime enjoy, Rammstein
  10. hello , Out2gtcha I have a large room, an old workhouse it measures 25 metres by 8 metres, and that is only the aft section. cheers, Rammstein
  11. hello all at first I placed some ovals on vehicle deck, had no idea what they where, after seeing some photo reference, I made these manholes. at first I had to drill 10 oval holes all over vehicle deck, 3 in front, 4 at the middle and 3 at the end of vehicle deck I only made one manhole, casted all the others then it was time to do some more work on the bow, the under side of the structure the structure in place enjoy, Rammstein
  12. hello all, Wegener you have a point there , beam is 34'6'', or 10,51 metres. the ramp dry fitted onto the model starting to make the bow construction vent, water tight door and ladders placed the anti skid strips placed on the bow of vehicle deck enjoy, Rammstein
  13. hello all, holes drilled in the lower part of the bow ramp support beams placed short support beams placed tubings on hull placed and bow made enjoy, Rammstein
  14. hello all, Some more work done with fairlead placed next I started on the bow ramp enjoy, Rammstein
  15. hello all, work started on the frames under vehicle deck, most of them are recktangle of shape, with curved frames towards stem and stern. all the frames glued in place work until now a close up of the ladder rungs one of the water tight door on vehicle deck while everything is drying I started on the stern with anchor support enjoy, Rammstein
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