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  1. Hello All, Does anyone know Combat Models is still in business. Their web site is gone. Thank You in Advance, Gregory Jouette
  2. Miloslav, Outstanding Corsair my friend. Very impressive paint work! Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  3. Miloslav. Stunning work my friend. She's one outstanding D-11. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  4. Tolga, Wow this promises to be another opus my friend. Outstanding project along with the talent to it justice. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  5. Absolutely awesome Ta-152 H-1 my friend. The work of a Master! Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  6. Miloslav, Hey wait a second my friend this isn't a FW190 D. All kidding aside it most certainly is one awesomely beautiful Tempest my friend. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  7. Crawford, She's one Sweet Mig my friend.Well Done and Congratulations. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  8. Well Guys I'm screwed. This thread as brought back my addiction to FW 190 Dora's !!! But I'm loving every word of this awesome thread. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  9. Kent, WOW that's all I can say. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  10. Outstanding details my friend. I'm looking forward to following along. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  11. Jim, Outstanding Pfalz my friend. I believe she's the first Pfalz I've seen in the markings of a School Trainer. Congratulations and Well Done! Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  12. Wouter, What a thing of beauty my friend. Waiting to see in a little paint too. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  13. Filippo, Many thanks my friend. There were a couple of things that caused some concern. Luckily nothing major though. The biggest issue was how the engine sits on the firewall, it point up a bit. I corrected with a shims to get it to sit straight. The only other issue concerned the pilots seat I moved it back approximately 4mm. to fit the cockpit opening . Right out of the box the pilot would be jammed into the IP. Unless he's only 4 foot in height. One last issue I had read about was the wing to fuselage fit. I simply trimmed the fuselage at the attachment point to avoid any problems with fit. Keep in mind it is a limited run kit so you know that there will be some issues in the build. Nothing major with this kit and nothing that can't be handled easily. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  14. Troy & Alex, Thank you guys very much appreciate your comments. Think I blundered my way into a good camouflage on this bird. Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
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