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    Smokey reacted to Darren Howie in For those that like JASDF and appling decals   
    One of the coolest schemes you can use the Tamiya kit for oob..
    The ADTW is a unit involved with testing so it not surprising to see an old non Kai with them.
    Aerodynamic testing doesnt need the latest ecm and radar gear..
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    Smokey reacted to rigor in For those that like JASDF and appling decals   
    But who will be the first to do it 
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    Smokey reacted to chrish in NLLSP- No Longer a Large Scary Project   
    Thanks for all the encouragement
    I've passed another milestone today, clear parts are in, paint touched up, details added...nearly there.
    I need to add the shredded fabric to the rudder and the rudder trim tab pushrod and that's about it...So while neither model seen here is technically finished or complete, you'll get the idea of where Iv'e been going with this from these images.
    In this picture I'm testing my ability to get a damged (destroyed) nose cone glazing;

    The (nearly) final result. Both models still need detail work but these pictures give the feeling I was looking for;

    The bomber has a fine thread nut CA'd and epoxied to the bottom of the floor with a steel rod threaded in to that and a press fit into the timber as the support. The 109 has a flat bar inserted into the belly with an aluminum rod placed over top to offer it continuity to the bomber  
    Thanks for looking.
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    Smokey reacted to chrish in NLLSP- No Longer a Large Scary Project   
    Thanks all!
    painting work almost finished on the wings, final assembly right around the corner...usually when the ground falls out from below me!
    Here's where I am at the end of business tonight.

    Thanks for looking
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    Smokey reacted to chrish in NLLSP- No Longer a Large Scary Project   
    Thank you very much! I've never spent this much time on a build in at least 10 years! and never had a project go more than a couple of pages on a forum, this is a record for me!
    I mentioned earlier that I would be blending in the work, that has started. Once the pics are seen it'll begin to make sense...?
    An earlier pic with oil spray back;

    using the airbrush with thin OD in it like an eraser, I cleaned up behind the outflow vents where there should't really be any mess;

    Thanks for looking
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    Smokey reacted to seiran01 in JASDF F-4EJ Sea Camouflage decals available!!   
    SB is late to the game, these came out in Nov/Dec through other outlets. Glad to see they are carrying them though - I have a seat and the decals seem to be top quality. Only complaint is tiny diagrams for paint and stencil placement 
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    Smokey reacted to Artur in JASDF F-4EJ pixel camo   
    Any help wanted with FS's colors for new digital camo
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    Smokey reacted to dmthamade in For those that like JASDF and appling decals   
    Just the project if you like JASDF Rhinos and decaling....REALLY like decaling.
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    Smokey reacted to Iain in MiG-21MF JG-2 "Juri Gagarin"   
    OK - reason behind the build.
    Our club Exped was in 2014 - an RAF flying club - so most of the crews were either serving, or retired, along with some ex. reserves and civilians.
    Most had a connection with/memories of the Cold War - either through the military, or working in the aviation industry.
    For most of us it was the first time crossing the old border between West and East Germany - something many at one time would have thought would be impossible in the future. Our boss was ex. fast jets of the period - Phantom and Tornado F3.
    This had been the enemy...
    Flying around Europe the borders are invisible - but one afternoon we crossed the former border/Iron Curtain at relatively low level heading for our first overnight stop-over in the former East Germany, Neubrandenburg.
    One of the first things we spotted was an old, disused, airfield with solar panels over where the runways had been: this was Wittstock - a former Soviet MiG-23/MiG-29 base.

    We were told later that day after we landed at the next airfield, of which more in a moment, that in 1994, when the Russians finally left, they left the gates to the base wide open. When we overflew, the hangars and accommodation blocks had been overtaken by nature in the preceding 20 years - you can see the trees growing through the buildings in the above photo.
    Wittstock before the MiGs departed:

    Our stop-over airfield was Flughafen Neubrandenburg EDBN - Trollenhagen - a former MiG-21 airbase, once operated by the Luftstreitkräfte der Nationalen Volksarmee (East German Air Force):

    What we didn't realise, until we shut down, was that the marshallers/refuelers/resident flying club staff were mostly all ex. Luftstreitkräfte - they were particularly taken with the RAF marked Bulldog that my friend Chris and I were in (aeroplane belongs to Chris) - and it sparked up some good banter and, after a very short while - quite a collection of spotters at the fence.
    Anyway - the airfield was formerly home to Jagdfliegergeschwader 2 "Juri Gargarin" - flying MiG-21MF (amongst other types) and I was fortunate to be able to purchase a wonderful hardback history of the until, covering the aircraft, operations, training and home lives of the unit. They seemed surprised that I wanted to buy a copy - but I've had it in mind ever since to build a model of one of 'their' MiGs.


    The people we met, without exception were hugely friendly and accommodating - and wanted to show us some of their 'toys' - my favourite has to be the Trabant that they'd converted as an airfield emergency vehicle:

    And a former Luftstreitkräfte crash truck:

    We stayed in a hotel in Neubrandenburg - and had an absolutely wonderful stay - if only for one night.

    Anyway - a bit of a ramble - but happy memories of a fantastic trip - and, hopefully, explains my choice of subject.


    May start building over the weekend - and will post some images of that book...
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    Smokey reacted to reconspit in Grumman A-6E Tram Intruder VA-75 AC504   
    after building several WWII birds, i finished my third A-6 Intruder....
    I just used the Eduard Interior and the AOA decals for the VA-75 from the desert storm period.
    All colors used are from Vallejo....
    I hope you like her....

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    Smokey reacted to Fantasy Printshop in ED32-125 McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom William Tell 1976   
    Euro Decals new sheet of ED32-125 McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom William Tell 1976

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    Smokey reacted to Miloslav1956 in Me 262A-1a 9./KG(J) 6 Žatec , Czech Territory   
    1/32 Revell kit
    HGW wet transfers
    Eduard Look instrument panel, mask
    Barracuda wheels
    Eagle Cals #138
    All colours MRP              
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    Smokey reacted to chrish in NLLSP- No Longer a Large Scary Project   
    Thank you!
    I've got the tail feathers painted and weathered. Figured it was time to snap the thing together and recharge my mojo seeing it as a aircraft and not a collection of various colored of green parts.

    Thanks for looking
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    Smokey reacted to chrish in NLLSP- No Longer a Large Scary Project   
    I've finally begun work on the deceased tail gunner having come up with the idea to add a slumped head to a resin torso and kind of tuck him in where he can be seen but not identified very well. 
    At this time (no pics yet) he's been painted and test fitted to the seat in the tail turret.. Next up are the battle damage to that turret then assembly. I think there's light in the far end of this tunnel...

    Thanks for looking
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    Smokey reacted to Padubon in Make the others jealous   
    My wife and I have been looking to buy a bigger house. We found one a month ago and we bought it. The best part of all is the amazing “Mancave” that was already there.
    Today I started to organize it.



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    Smokey reacted to Pete Fleischmann in Resin Switches and Knobs   
    Here’s how they look on photo etch-
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    Smokey got a reaction from chrish in NLLSP- No Longer a Large Scary Project   
    Chris,  like the faded OD and the battle damage looks really real.  Took a lot of notes from you build.  Dan
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    Smokey reacted to chrish in NLLSP- No Longer a Large Scary Project   
    I think most of the painting and chipping is done on the fuselage, now I can continue gluing parts together again for a while. 
    Home made masks and painted on markings, It seems I go through a lot of masking tape on my builds.

    Thanks for looking
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    Smokey reacted to chrish in NLLSP- No Longer a Large Scary Project   
    Thanks a lot for keeping me company!
    I've got national markings and plane letters applied, I used a couple of shades of blue to (hopefully) vary the color of the national marking trying to bleach it out toward the top and painted the plane letters with Tamiya XF 19 gray adding a mix of white with it to vary the base color there too. Then did the chipping medium to the paint. I'll start working on the vertical fin next.
    Painted the F too far forward, had repaint remask and do over

    moved back;

    weathering in progress

    Thanks for looking
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    Smokey reacted to chrish in NLLSP- No Longer a Large Scary Project   
    Thanks mates
    Very appreciated, great bunch here!!
    I've spent a few hours tonight shading and lightening the OD on the model. The color variations don't really show, until I tuned off my hobby room work lights, then the variations become a little more apparent.
    with work lights on;

    with work lights off;

    Thank you for looking
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    Smokey reacted to The Madhatter in Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project   
    I had the camera out today for other things and decided today is a good a day as any to take a couple of update shots. I'm not as far along as I would have liked but I had the spare time. I'm almost finished the top. I just have to finish the edging and then the top will be considered done.
    I test fitted the bridge to the body to make sure I could. There are definitely going to be fitting issues but nothing some super glue won't take care of. Looks like I'll also have to add some more details once the body has been glued together to help tie in the areas better. This adds to the ever compounding issue of painting first or not (first world problems....)










    Anyways, that's all the pics I took but thanks for looking in.
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    Smokey got a reaction from Uncarina in Make the others jealous   
    found these under the tree.  Just got to find a few more after market items for one of the F-4EJ's for the multi-engine group build.


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    Smokey reacted to Jennings Heilig in 1/200 scale Titanic!   
    Okay, now I don’t need to buy a coffin, I can be buried in the box this thing comes in!  WOW!!  That’s a LOTTA styrene!
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    Smokey reacted to mpk in Make the others jealous   
    Yeah mate, it looks great.
    I picked up another car yesterday.

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    Smokey reacted to LSP_K2 in Make the others jealous   
    A gift from a good pal. I've had a "thing" for Century series aircraft for quite a long while now, so this really fills the bill. It's not in the database either, so I'll be adding it shortly.

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