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  1. I've only had one build (so far) where I could build paint then assemble. Hoping the 110 is the second.
  2. I'd always heard people do it, figured I had more then enough spare belts and materials should I make a mess of it. No going back now thats for sure!
  3. green splinter! like a combo of Luft WW2 and 90's Swedish Splinter
  4. i enjoy watching your projects, thanks for sharing this one too!
  5. LOVE IT! Saw this on flickr and came back to check the thread. Looks great Karl, nice work!
  6. ok here are some pics for you guys! going through some personal stuff atm so progress and updates may be slow for awhile here you can see the seat back mod work and the rudder pedals another shot of the same sidewall detail, added a flashlight, some plumbing and a structural piece i noted in some pics I had to bend the bottom edge of this PE part to clear the cockpit floor started working on the ammo crates and all their PE bits While not as intricate as others, I did tweak the throttle quadrant a bit and added some detail to the other console You can see in the background the pilots belts have been bent to shape. This is the first time I've annealed PE before bending it and WOW what a difference it makes.
  7. that is SO cool of your son to do for you
  8. WOW that may be the most bad a*& thing I've seen in a while
  9. I try to do walk around shots of my models to give a better "eye level" view. One of the main reasons I really like to do in flight presentations is it allows you to interact with the model in space more then looking down on it.
  10. well done on the throttle quadrant what cut away drawings are you using, those look really nice!
  11. oooooh thats a snazzy paint job! love it
  12. well done on the seat mechanism! I did go PE rudder pedals and love the effect. I also went and trimmed down the seat "rails" which are inaccurate on the back of the seat, The seat assembly is fiddly so use the cockpit floor to help with alignment
  13. I built it as is, and unless you are looking at it dead on in profile, you cannot tell
  14. nice prep work, looks like it should be a straight forward conversion If I come across any other info of use I will let you know.
  15. still here plodding away, started working on the cockpit subassemblies as I continue to procrastinate on actually painting anything on the wings lol
  16. ChrisH, yes it does have the vertical stiffeners in the set, you want them? PM me. Shawn
  17. looks great, lotta effort but well worth it. At least the rivets come in long strips which make it more efficient time wise
  18. very cool concept and execution
  19. thats beautiful, well done all around!
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