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  1. Not an LSP, certainly far from it in terms of subject and scale but still fun. With this release I now have all three versions of the Falcon from the series. Well, in 1/350 scale anyways. Carl
  2. I was in Wheels and Wings on Thursday and didn't see any around. They have recently purchased an 11,000 kit collection so there may be some in that lot but it's going to be some time before they get to cataloguing what's there and getting it into the store. I've got my eye on a couple items that are part of it but can't recall if there were any Hobbycraft kits.
  3. Neat idea Brian. For a moment, it looked like you were going to do the Octopus ambush camo that was used on late war German tanks. Carl
  4. I installed the cabin doors in the closed position. These fit fairly well in the closed position. Back to the engines, I finished their assembly by gluing together the exhaust and intake trunking. I also started on the MLG legs. Once those were cleaned up and assembled, I broke out the paint. So that's where I am after a day's work. Next up will be the cockpit. Carl
  5. I started assembly with the engines. As the engine bay covers will be closed, I'm leaving off many extraneous details. I also started on the cabin. While taking a closer look at the fuselage halves, I realized what I initially thought was a mould seam turned out to be a very large crack. It's badly bent in at the bottom but I think that once the cabin and gear bays are installed it'll go back to the right shape.
  6. Well, it's the first weekend of March Break here in Canada so I thought I'd start something new. We'll see if I can get it done before the end of next weekend when the kids gonna k to school. I've decided to skip most of the AM on this build, hence the optimism about getting it done. Also because the ResKit rocket pods are damaged from shipping and unusable. I will however use the DN Models paint masks for the tiger stripes and canopies. Carl
  7. Looking good Brian. The lighting really makes a difference in the colour appearance of the various pics. Carl
  8. Then it was time to fit the PE rib details. There are additional lightening holes on the PE bits so you have to drill these out as well. I traced the holes onto the ribs using a marker and then drilled and ground them to shape. So a bunch of work but if I can make the belly pack removable, it hunk it will have been worth it.
  9. Then it was time to start on the inner one. This one has a support that needed to reshaped as well. One bonus is it lets you clean up the mould parting seam on the centre rib. Here's the two barrels test fit. You can see the difference in length on the centre one compared to stock.
  10. Now onto some real fiddly work but more of my own making. The belly gun pack looks like it may be removable from the finished model so I decided to see what I could do with it. The ZM brass gun barrel set includes replacement blast tubes for the belly guns as well as the ones in the wings. This is nice as the inner pair of blast tubes on the stock part are not full length. To use them, it was a multi step process. First I had to cut off the existing plastic blast tubes and then drill a hole through the ribs so that they would all line up. After cutting off the tube, I drilled progressively larger holes in the bulkhead until I got to the correct diameter. With the first one done and test fit into place.
  11. I assembled the gear bays onto the upper wing section and started on the nacelles. Since I'm leaving the cowlings closed, I gave the engine blocks a coat of semi gloss back and will skip the detail painting.
  12. Thanks gents! Max, I'll have to see if I can find that issue.
  13. After I went to Scale Scotland without him, my youngest has wanted to go to a model show so it looks like we'll be attending. Thanks for the reminder on this Don! Carl
  14. Thomas, they no longer make models unfortunately. I don't think they're still in business either but could be wrong on that part. Carl
  15. Nice work on this. Great job on the cockpit. Carl
  16. Really fantastic builds so far. It looks like the resin noses were a good match for the Tamiya fuselage. Carl
  17. Here's the link to the Hyperscale article. It's at the end of the review. http://www.hyperscale.com/2008/reviews/kits/dragon3203reviewbg_1.htm It doesn't cover everything though. I found a few more during my build that weren't mentioned. I've put the notes on them in my WIP thread. Carl
  18. Looks really good Brian. The preshading looks subtle from want I can tell in the pics. Carl
  19. I was at my LHS here in Toronto today and not only was the Super Hornet kit in stock but someone from Revell was there as well talking to the owner. So it's at least available in Canada. Carl
  20. So very true. That being said, I ended up on one of the few things I don't like doing. Which is painting moulded on wire detail and plumbing lines. It took me a couple tries and a bunch of touch up but I'm happy with the results now. I also painted the linkage and electronics that go in the rear of the fuselage. These are somewhat visible thru the window back there. So that's all for tonight.
  21. I actually have two more in the stash already. One is for the G4 night fighter when I get the courage and the other one I haven't decided on yet. Hopefully the Revell release will get more of these built. Carl
  22. Lovely looking engines Jimbo. If you are putting on the cowl panels, you won't see the rear set of rocker covers and can leave them off if you want. One thing I ran into on my two is the reduction gear cover. They're moulded upside down stock. When I built mine, I used the AMS set on one pair and got them right side up but left the other pair stock and they were upside down but I didn't notice until much later. One day I'll get around to finishing them. Carl
  23. Very nice start to your build. I just finished the C-7 version of this kit and enjoyed the build. The instructions can be a big hurdle as there are several errors in them. You can check out my build in this GB for most of them. Carl
  24. It really does sneak up on you. Especially when you're having fun.
  25. Today I had some time off and really got carried away a bit. I jumped to the rear fuselage assembly as I wasn't sure how much I wanted to leave open. I also figured it would easier to paint everything silver in one go once together. That didn't quite happen as I just kept plugging away at the assembly. While that dried, I figured I was into for good and started some work on the main wings. The upper nacelles and outer wing skins are on. The fit so far has been really good. Now to step back a moment and start adding the visible details. Carl
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