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  1. I took a break from most of the kits on my bench and decided to start a couple new builds over the last month and a bit. To mix it up, I went with some 1/35 armour kits. First up is the Miniart Dingo Mk1b Some of the parts were truly small.
  2. I set aside the Hind for pretty much all of June as I thought I'd misplaced the intake cones and wasn't up to looking for them in my pile of organized chaos....I mean workbench. Turns out they were still on the sprues. So with those recently found, I started back up on it. I fitted the intake cones and then the pilot's door. The fit is nice but I wanted to make sure it was flush with the fuselage and didn't get pressed in too far. Next up, I sanded off a mould seam line on the canopy and polished it up. The gunner's canopy is a touch warped so I have glued it on in steps. This way I got it to line up much better. There's some interior detail to add to the canopy and then I can install it.
  3. Thanks! Fursnake (that's her name, my wife named her) hasn't been as interested in hanging out while I'm at my bench lately. But if I'm reading in the living room, she's there.
  4. Really nice Thomas. Your seats look fantastic. Mine kept falling apart every time I looked at them.
  5. Any chance we can have both options? One with and one without the engine? Looks like in going to have to stock up on Tamiya Spitfires again.
  6. One possible problem besides finding the conversion kit is that is was designed for the PCM Spitfire kit. It takes some work but can be made to fit the Tamiya kit.
  7. I imagine you would be able to find one at a local show for sale. The last show I went to had several for sale. Carl
  8. It's interesting that we had opposite issues with the fit. Hopefully the rest goes better. Carl
  9. Really nice progress Joachim! I kept reading yours and Max's comments about the belly panel not fitting as I couldn't recall any such issues on my build. I went through my pics and found that I had shimmed the lower insert panel. This got rid of the step on either side at the wing root and the nose ended up fitting better too.
  10. If you mean the tail, it has a different fuselage profile relative to the Matchbox kit. I tried it on my build and decided it was too much work to blend together. This was after cutting the tail off my Spitfire.
  11. I've also got a Bestå which I didn't post earlier as the doors on it are discontinued. The top shelf has a 1/32 Mossie and I can fit (just!) a slat wing F-4E as well as a F-104. This one came with a mirrored back so it's not as dark but I think are no longer offered either.
  12. Just catching up on this Brian. Great progress. It looks like you've got the power supply issues solved but did you consider any of the really tiny LiPo battery packs out there for the micro RC helis and drones? They do come with other concerns (exploding if over discharged) though. Here's some real world inspiration for your mounting choice: Carl
  13. Here's my Detolf with the shelf mod. I used plexiglass for the additional shelves as that was cheaper than getting tempered glass. These are the wire anchors I use to hold the shelves up. I bought mine off eBay as they seemed to be the cheapest option. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153228367013 There's also a mod where you make your own base and top and Siamese two of them together, leaving out the glass in the centre. This is supposed to give enough room for three Spitfires per shelf. You'd need a router for this. I'm planning to do this later this summer hopefully. Carl
  14. Here's the seam after sanding. I then installed the engine covers. These are supplied clear so I gave them a quick spray on the inside. The fit here was really good. Which was a nice surprise. Next up will be the nose turret and some of the various sensors.
  15. Due to the left fuselage half having been badly bent and warped during shipment, I had to use some clamps to make sure the cockpit was in correctly. The warp also made it a challenge to close up the fuselage. I started at the rudder and worked my way forward. I ended up with a bit of a step on the bottom side. It took a couple applications of Mr Surfacer to level things out.
  16. Time for an overdue update. I gave up using the Part PE set. It was just too fiddly for me this time around. I found an Eduard set and started using that instead. The set also came with belts so I took the easy way out. I later found out the seat cushions are the wrong colour. Oops With everything installed into the cockpit and that into the fuselage.
  17. Thanks Brian! It's been a favourite of mine as well since the early '80s and made more so with the original Red Dawn. Thanks! This one has been in the stash for a while but once the DN masks came out for the Tiger Meet scheme, it moved up a bit in the pile.
  18. The belts look great Fanes! The Eduard fabric belts are made by HGW as well but are the more recent laser cut ones. HGW also makes ones now that are printed on both sides. Carl
  19. That's what I usually do when assembling belts. These are HGW belts. The only challenge is sometimes the fret attachment points are in the way so it doesn't always work on these and Eduard belts. Wako design their fret with this in mind and even show you in their instructions on leave them attached.
  20. Hi Kev, nice review on the kit. The tube of grease is for the sliding canopy. One other sprue that's different and that's the one with the MLG legs and the blisters related to the E wing versus the earlier C wings on the VIII and IX kits. Carl
  21. Thanks Dean! It is a shame to hide it all which is why I opened it on mine. Yep, that's the KH Kingfisher. I need to get back to it at some point. Just got too much on my bench. Carl
  22. Even from the single pic you posted of the instructions, I can see they've fixed some of the Dragon instructions' errors. They've also done the engine cowls the way I did on my build which worked much better than what was suggested. As for the nose cowl, there is a seam on the inside to guide you in cutting them apart to show off the gun bay. It even fits in the closed position afterwards too! Carl
  23. Lots of great progress there Chris. Carl
  24. I would be up for an F6 conversion. It'll hopefully save me from trying to find an Echelon kit. Carl
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