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Walkaround - Bf 109 G-2 detail shots - double feature

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Well, this is not quite the kind of walkaround you might be used to - glamour shots of the whole airframe from all around. This walkaround is aimed at the detail interested modelers. Lots of close up photos of all the details that are often forgotten by "classic" workarounds. Just what the doctor has ordered :wicked:


Bf 109 G-2 from Dornier Museum at Friedrichshafen, Germany.


This was a spanish lizence build from 1947, written off after a landing accident. It had a decade at a playground, then went to Germany and was restored (non-airworthy) at MBB in the training of apprentices. don't forget to click the images to expand them. Enjoy!



















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8 hours ago, chrish said:


thank you for posting!

this’ll be a gold mine when I rip the top off the ZM 109

thank you thank you thank you!


Stay tuned. I have another set of G-2 photos from another airframe ready for upload. Part 5 and 6 of this walkaround. Not to mention my other Messerschmitts...



- dutik

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Another G-2 airframe. Built in Spain as a HA-1112M it served in the Spanish AF. After it's tour of duty it was sold to a private owner in Germany and rebuild into the G-2 configuration, airworthy. Then, no longer airworthy, it found it's way into the colletion of the german Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin-Gatow. The Luftwaffenmuseum tries nowadays to get rid of any military related historical items, focusing onto the Third Reichs crimes, so it was removed from the exhibition. Fortunatly they did not store it away elsewere or sold it abroad, but leased it to the private run museum at Rechlin. If you don't know the name - Rechlin was the test site of the german Luftwaffe before and during WW2. So it's still there to be visited, and displayed in a very favorable way:


























ETC 500 carrier for bombs up to 500 kg, as used for Bf 109s too, shown without cover.




That's it. Enjoy!

- dutik

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  • dutik changed the title to Walkaround - Bf 109 G-2 detail shots; part 5 of 5 added
  • dutik changed the title to Walkaround - Bf 109 G-2 detail shots - double feature
  • 4 months later...

Thank you, those are reall nice photographs.

I had the luck to be able to photograph the silver Airbus one myself, I think I took almost 2500 Photographs of it. 
But with those "Buchon"-conversions you have to be careful, since there are some subtle and some not so sublte differences between a "real" 109 an the Spanish-built ones. 
Some acces hatches are missing and there are rivet lines in places the German ones didn't have, the wings have two spars instead of one and the wings are overall more rigid than the "originals with more rivets, for example, and in other places some rivets are missing.

So be careful to check other sources as well. 

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