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A new reconnoisance projekt - camera colour?

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In most cases, no exact RLM color was specified for equipment that was fully internally housed and not visible from the outside, like cameras, etc. - these things were coded "RLM 99", meaning they needed to have some kind of protective paint cover, but the actual color was irrelevant. As a result, manufacturers of these items just painted them in regular industrial colors - usually some kind of gray or black. You can see the same thing on e.g. Patin gyro-compasses: they are generally some light gray color, but it does not match any RLM standard; I suppose some of these industrial coatings could be matched to RAL standard, but I'm not sure of that.

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Please, could anyone help me to recognize higlighted device. I think that after crashland on to belly, the original circular antenne of FuG10 was destroyed and RAF substituted it with some other device with similar function.

004 002






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Yes. This was done on the cockpit instrument panels. Black Labels with white lettering describing the instrument function were commonly added above each one. However, even in large scale I doubt this would be really visible. Externally, I'm not remembering having seen any technical stencil in English (including warning ones). If they were actually added here and there, they were not that visible.

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