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1/32 Parachute kit what do you think?


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8 hours ago, Stevepd said:

Whilst looking at what options we have for 1/32 Parachutes I found this. Has anyone across the pond or anyone purchased from these?


I like the SR with the chute out, looks cool! I'll just bet it's a real riot transporting that to shows though. It has to be removable.

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4 hours ago, Neo said:

DSCN1987%20(1024x768).jpg?dl=1Wow thats some cool stuff. 

Years ago i made my own 1/48 parachute with steel wire clear tape and a light bulb.

This looks much easier.



Same, a million years ago I made a parachute for my 1/72 Sepecat Jaguar. Looked good back in the day as nobody did such things. Probably best left in its box in the loft at the mo.

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