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  1. Of course the elephant in the room: TAMIYA should issue a totally new tool series of the F-14A/B and D in 1/32 scale and send the old molds to the bin.
  2. Zoukei-Mura is working on the P-51B/C but Kotare could also jump in to produce one of course. The Beaufighter is on the agenda of Infinity models I believe, but again the more the merrier...A good list Michael!
  3. that sounds more reasonably priced (excl. shipping /taxes of course)
  4. Correct. But they are aiming at a larger scale F-5. I mentioned that perhaps 1/32 is more interesting (profitable). The kit in 1/32 would lend itself for many markings of air forces around the world. We shall see. I have their Viggen and it is stunning. And the line up they have...Saab Draken (32), Raptor (32), Neptune (48) and so on...great times for LSM-ers
  5. Hope springs eternal but Jetmads may be quicker...
  6. But then a redesign in the critical areas as well that have been well documented over the years...so that it is up to the Tamiya standard or beyond it...or maybe Kinetic one day in 1/32
  7. Overpriced and to build a proper A-model of say the EPAF (European Participating Air Forces: Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands & Norway) early and late (MLU; Mid-Life Update) this kit does not cut it. Serious cockpit work needed and the tail is incorrect for Belgium, Netherlands and Norway. Denmark only operates the original short tail. A Taiwanese modeller makes stellar tails and other parts to complete these Vipers. Also to make the early A/B USAF / Israeli / Egyptian Vipers and so on. See here: https://3d-chute-expert.myshopify.com/collections/all So, forget this kit: wayyyyyyy too expensive. But the basic Academy kit may be hard to find. The chute-expert however also makes the parts to convert the more available F-16CJ of Tamiya. Thin landing gear is an issue to solve here though. He is working on it.
  8. To add some detail to the discussion for those who may not read Dutch. There is a great website with a lot of images of the Golden Age (1948-1968) as I call it of the Royal Netherlands Naval Air Services. We had a carrier...and the Fireflies, Sea Furies, Seahawk, Avengers, and the Tracker, Seabat... Here are some links: http://www.vlaggeschipsmaldeel5.nl/html/vliegdienst_index.html (vliegdienst means flying service) http://www.vlaggeschipsmaldeel5.nl/html/sea_hawk_aan_boord_2.html So if Graham is doing the Firefly (which I would surely purchase) then maybe just maybe the Sea Hawk next. It flew with the British Royal Navy, Dutch Navy, German Navy, Indian Navy...so options for decals a plenty!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hawker_Sea_Hawk_operators
  9. How about the Fokker G.1 (A/B) twin boom fighter?
  10. Basically all Tamiya has to do is issue the 1/48 boxing of the F-16C/N in 1/32 scale...and a lot of modellers will be very happy.
  11. Jetmads even had to do a 2nd run of the Viggens...also sold out
  12. agree as well. I was too late for the Attacker Seahawk, Gannet and Firefly (also served on the Dutch aircraft carrier and in the Dutch East Indies, so a no brainer for me) als great topics. The Seahawk perhaps is easiest for Iconicair to model first. Prototypes are cute, but only Jetmads may be able to pull that off, but also by having people sign up for a copy upfront. The Viggen project may have altered their business approach to prototypes only for sure as the success of the Viggen has been enormous. Anyway, the Seahawk deserves a shot. Important postwar jet that several nations flew and learned the ropes with.
  13. I need 4 actually, so mark me down for 4 copies
  14. Let's hope a Seahawk appears. Maybe Special Hobby could even do it if they also issue the Sea Fury
  15. I think you are right that Graham at Iconicair should tackle it. I am sure it will sell well.
  16. Yes, the Dutch Navy flew them for a while as well from its one and only aircraft carrier back in the day: http://www.vlaggeschipsmaldeel5.nl/html/katapultstart_sea_hawk.html
  17. the detail is amazing. Lovely presentation by Nigel!!
  18. I tried contacting Adriatic Models for ordering but it seems their webshop now contains much less sets on offer? I sent an PM but no response. Anyone know what is the status? Tim
  19. Or one can wait until Special Hobby will issue this kit. They have it on their list. I asked Special Hobby on the Britmodeller forum and was confirmed. How long to wait? Well, the Tempest II is released, so who knows. I build 2 Sea Furies and Sold 2 for around 200USD. It is a great resin kit but you need to use some elbow grease. T
  20. My second one arrived today. In pristine condition and packaging seems improved. All in all a very impressive kit.
  21. Well spoken. I agree, it takes some elbow grease to get these type of kits into shape, but it is worth it. The Fisher kits were great starting points. The Sea Fury still stands the test of time. Although I hope Special Hobby will tackle this one next year considering how marvelous a job they did on the Tempest II.
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