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BM Lanc finally arriving

Dave Williams

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  • I didn’t check all my spruces but I wanted to get at the instructions at the bottom  and so I removed the two ‘troublesome’ clear spruces and turned the box upside down, slowly lifted off the bottom of the box, removed the instructions ( and the decals ) and simply put the bottom of the box back over the undisturbed grey tower of sprues.
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  • LSP_K2 changed the title to BM Lanc finally arriving

Got the kit today.  No cracked parts, although what I initially took for small hairline cracks in a number of parts seem to be faint flow lines when the flows of the molten plastic joined together.  Also, the clarity of the nose blisters seem pretty wretched.  We’re either of these issues ever fixed?


It does look like I will need at least one new part.  The rear section of the main canopy, that butts up against the astrodome, is badly deformed.  It’s all smooched up toward one side.  It must have been before the plastic cooled, because there is no way it could have deformed that much without cracking if it was fully solidified.


Also, I see there are brass gun barrels in a little baggie in the kit.  Are there supposed to be cooling jackets with them?  I don’t see any.

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Thanks.  I put in a request to LM for the replacement of the damaged clear part.  Hopefully they’ll respond and still have replacements available.  All things considered, the kit survived the surface voyage pretty well.  I think the deformed part was in there from the time that Border boxed up the kit and wasn’t damaged during shipping.

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On 10/9/2022 at 10:07 AM, monthebiff said:

Don't think anyone got the cooling jackets only the barrels Dave, that was the case with mine. 


Regards. Andy 

These are very well made and although stated to be for the HKM Lancaster,

I’ve bought them assuming that they can be used with the Border Lancaster.



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