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And now for something COMPLETELY different......FINISHED!


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Thanks guys............


I started some experimenting on the waterfall via a few vids Ive been YouTubing.  The experiment worked for the most part, and even though its not dry brushed nor zoomed in on it actually looks pretty good for one of the first 3 I made................with the exception of one tiny thing............


I laid the basic shape of the waterfall out on mirror and drew it on with a Sharpie. That was my first and so far only mistake, which I found when I went to lift off the waterfalls.

Marker isnt too realistic! 







Well, on to waterfalls 2.0, this time on a small sheet of glass with the shape of the waterfall under the glass on some suitably sized pieces of paper! 

While I let the set of 4 new waterfalls dry overnight, I set about sanding, filling, sanding, filling again, more sanding (well you get the picture) on the base edges until I had a nice, smooth but not perfect edge, just like the rest of the hand fired and hand made Bonsai planter I'm using for the base. The final layers were MS 1500 black followed by some MRP Super gloss black.

Hard to tell in some shots, but it actually is as glossy as the base is:









The lip I installed hides most of the lights very nicely. What looks like light bleed around the edges are actually reflections of some of the lights on the opposing side reflecting in the glossy black paint.

Much harder to see with the naked eye at the normal viewing angles, which is exactly what I was after:









I just got done setting the Moon garden in the base itself for good! I'm using a very slow dry flexible clear sealant, the same I tried on the Styrofoam bowl.  The sealant will be "paintable" and handle-able after 48 hours, so I'm not touching this thing again until Saturday, which is when I will pour the resin. Since its a larger pour, Ill hopefully be able to add the waterfall and the water surface texture on Sunday or at the latest Monday, the day before the wife's B-Day. Cutting it close! 


Cheers till Saturday! 





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As promised......thanks Jim, it still feels right......


"What was sundered and undone. Shall be whole, the two made one"


And they have been.....







I just had the dock to install, which has to be trimmed a bit because of the curve of the bottom of the bowl.







The dock was trimmed and installed along with some small random rocks painted suitably.









I just poured resin for the main bit, and covered it. I did discover that there was a leak in the bottom of the pool and it just kept taking resin, flooding into the inside of the base. NBD, I just have to mix some up later and pour the pool later.






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Thanks all!


Well good and bad news.....


The bad news is there are a lot more bubbles in the resin (mainly the upper pool because it was SO deep) than I wanted but at this point it can't be helped, only explained away in that there is a lot of churning coming from the pool to the waterfall.


The good news is the resin pour overall went well and the waterfall installed and looks good to my eye even at this stage of being incomplete. I've just applied and initial application of gloss Mod Podge for some base surface ripples from the waterfall. 

After that is dried later tonight I will add some  Woodland Scenics "Water Ripples" for the slightly larger ripples and white water and some "Water Waves" for the largest ripples right at the base of the waterfall.

Lastly will be adding the row boat and line to tie it up and then done!


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Thanks again guys. Finished things up and got the final details wrapped up, sneaking this one JUST under the wire with an hour and a half to go till the wife's B-day....


Sneak peak! 









Ill post some better pics tomorrow in the photo booth after I give it to her.............Ill just have to "borrow" it back for a few min to take some pics.  :lol:




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Thanks guys.


53 minutes ago, rigor said:

That is way to cool how did you do the waterfall 


There are actually quite a few ways to do them I found, but the one I chose for this lighter, and slightly slower moving water fall is done with Woodland Scenics "Water Effects".

Its effectively a white glue, but there are some other things in it that make it resilient and still clear when dry, but the stuff wont tear as easily. I just marked out the size of the falls I needed and cut it out of a strip of paper, then taped that down to a sheet of glass, then put a 2nd sheet of glass over that, and laid out the shape of the waterfall over the paper with the Water Effects, then smeared in the correct direction with my fingers, then let dry 24 hours. After that, you can trim it to shape and add some very light white dry brushing to bring out some small white water effects. The falls are glued to the dry resin below, and the dam (made also of Water Effects) put on earlier on the upper pool with more Water Effects. Everything is then blended in with more of the same and some gloss Mod Podge.


More pics later after I actually give it to the wife!

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