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And now for something COMPLETELY different......FINISHED!


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Well, my lack of modeling MoJo has crept in and has taken hold of me for the last 1/2 a year at least.

Even having the largest plastic model show in the country 8 min from my house couldn't get my aircraft modeling MoJo going. About all the NATs did this year is jar me into the realization that I could sell some of my much larger LSPs and make a bit of much needed money and get some much needed space back in the display cabs. 

The wife and I do look at a lot of YouTube vids on line, specifically crafty stuff, like nature dios, resin casting and such. Seeing ALL of the unique and cool stuff out there and all the techniques and mediums I would like to try (XPS/EPS foam, resin casting, resin pouring/molding, clay ect, ect) I figured that as long as my MoJo for aircraft modeling was stuck, I might as well see if putting my creative urge toward something for the wife in a completely different realm might kick-start my passion for modeling again.


I completely realize this type of thing will not be everyone bag, but that's perfectly Ok. I tell you what, this kind of thing is EXTREMELY liberating! 

No perfect angles to adhere to, no ultra smooth finish to achieve, no seams to make perfectly invisible, its amazing really. 

The wife is very into nature, whimsical things like fairies, and crystals and the like, but not to the extreme. So, I thought Id make here a tiny fairly moon garden, using nearly every trick and technique I have plus a BUNCH Im going to have to learn. 


Here is one project that inspired mine, from a Malaysian artist named Mugen Woong. This is not exactly what Ill be going for, as he is using much smaller scale Japanese style 3D printed pagodas and walkways, with live plants and real water in a terrarium type setting, while I will be going for fairy forest/mood garden theme made from XPS foam, plastic, fake grass and moss with whimsical fairy water made from poured resin.




I will also be lighting up the entire thing including the fairy cottage, some crystal steps, and the water as well.

Here is a rough draft of sizes laid out on some grid paper.






The base I got off Etsy that is a very nice looking hand glazed Bonsai pot that will work perfect for my project









I also picked up some XPS foam from Home Depot for the project, which I will use to simulate the rocks







The main attraction so-to-speak is the fairy cottage that will reside in the center of the moon. The rest of the project is just in the design phase, but I got started right away on the cottage, as without it, there is no project/birthday gift for my wife. I started with an idea in my head and some dimensions; roughly 2" x 2" square and about 3" tall.......so SUPER small is the name of the game!


Here is where I am atm:


The base, 2nd floor with front overhang, tower, tower cap and dormer. Im currently in the process of light blocking and painting the interior dark brown and in some spots like the tower, black:















Things will eventually go together as such, with a LOT more to do and a lot more additions to go:

















Ive got to cut out some windows and make up something for light diffusion so warm light will show through all 10 windows, but no one will be able to tell exactly what is going on inside the tine fairy cottage.

This whole thing will get covered in some air dry clay to simulate cobblestone as well as some balsa wood additions. 

More later and thanks for looking in on me! 








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This is cool Brian! Not quite the same but every now and then I float back to a love of Warhammer miniatures, which I still have from the 90's. You're right, it's nice to have a break and create something that doesn't exist.


I've always loved little scenic dios too; you're definitely inspiring me to give it a go one day! :) 


Looking forward to more.



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Thanks gents!

This one IS a large bit different and I cant lie, its been AMAZING to work on. The landscaping, the small cottage with no real angles to contend with and a sort of "build it as I go" attitude.


Ive got the two stories of the cottage glued together with some strategic holes cut in the middle of the 1st floor for lighting access later. As you can see, I have also added bunch of junk to it as well, including a tower balcony with railing, the 2nd set of steps up to it, another chimney, and have painted all the window frames. I have also started the cobblestone work on the walls, as this will get much easier to see later once smoothed painted and dry brushed.

As you can see I have also started work but not yet added stairs to the 1st set of steps up to the tower


I like working with clay!







The holes you see embedded in the clay and through some walls are for wooden "beams" holding up the roof simulated by some dowels. I also have to get some 1/32nd balsa strip for the shingles as well which are going to have to be added one by one.








I will also be adding some natural looking stanchions up both sets of stairs with some railings of some sort..............maybe some chain, who knows yet.

I know it looks a tad rough here, but will look better once smoothed out and painted. Hard to get perfectly right as this thing is SMALL









1st level stairs will go something like this once I have some other things done so I can attach them easier:







I guess I have never really shared a size idea on this little cottage, as its surprisingly small.

The cottage itself is 2" x 2" x 3".   A pot of Tamiya paint looks like a giant silo! 





It all (literally) fits in the palm of my hand:








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I havnt taken any pics yet but I made a cobblestone "roller" out of a piece of PVC pipe and a mini paint roller. I also picked up some more items for the diorama that will be surrounding the cottage.


Really surprising the stuff you can find at Michaels and/or Hobby Lobby if you are looking for strange things like I am looking for. Found some lichen in a bag and some cool tiny flowers.

Some of the lichen looks otherworldly to me and will be perfect for a fairy/whimsical diorama:











Wandering around Michaels I also found a cool crystal "chain" necklace that had some really cool looking crystals in it, so bought it and took them all off of the elastic band holding them together.


I also borrowed some of the wifes Amethyst crystal chips to imbed in some steps later. Not 100% sure how Ill use the crystals yet, but I definitely will;











I also found this cool chain at Micheals too.............again not 100% sure what Ill be doing with it yet, but it looks neat:







Thanks for looking in on me!




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Chain you say?  After reading this article this morning, I think use it to replicate a gigantic Pumpkin Boat that's tied up to a pier in your scene!

Nebraska man rides pumpkin for 38 miles down Missouri River | Omaha State and Regional News | omaha.com


You can thank me later! :lol:


All jokes aside, looking marvelous!

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