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Ju 88A


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Here is the antagonist to my Hurricane.

Certainly a much easier kit to assemble than the PCM.

Its ready for primer and painting and the final assembly.

I used HGW seatbelts and Master MG15 barrels.

It has also been sitting around for a while, I ran out of steam masking the canopy !!













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The primer is down what a lot.  Hats off to those painting the B17's  and Lancaster's. I think a small spray gun would be necessary.



Pretty happy with the result.




I ran out of grey so used some black on the bottom which will provide a nice contrast for the light blue underside.




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I have started masking for the insignia.





The nose are is also painted.



The right underside is looking good..





The right underside has a strange problem. The paint failed to dry in a corner. The sticky mess then took off all the previous layers when wiped. It all started with a clumsy finger print and ended up like this. Its going to need sanding before reapplying the paint. I am not really sure what happened as the surfaces were good and the same mix was used for the entire model.



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A lot of masking , a little painting and bamm !!

Really happy with the painted nose art and swastikas.

A little more painting on the flaps and airbrakes, some touch up and the paint is done.

I have some WD40 to clean the mask residue from the clear parts.




A little aerial combat


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