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1/72 DHC Dash 8-300


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Or a CRJ-200. The air conditioning outlets were on the floor, so on a hot day our passengers risked heat stroke and frost bitten feet at the same time! :D  Did the Dash-8-300 have this set-up? On the -100s, we had upper and lower vents, with a two position upper/lower switch in the cabin. Some of the flight attendants couldn't seem to understand the whole hot air rises/cool air settles concept, so maintenance used a label maker to label the switch to "Summer" and "Winter." 


@chrish, looking good!



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Good relatable stories.

Carrying on with some, what I call, improvements I have decided to make a representation of the exhaust pipes, using aluminum tube and a bunch of filing and sanding I've gotten to this point, new pipe on the left, kit part on the right;



Both sides cleaned out for pipes



and with the pipes I'll be using (already test fitted)


the engine air intakes will also need to be opened up, re-profiled and just generally fixed.

Thanks for looking


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yes, I traced the rough angle of the outlet onto the aluminum tube then transferred the angle to and sawed a slot into a piece of channel then put the length of tube in the channel and cut it with long ends, then cut those square ends with a “imp” tube cutter. That way cutting one angle cut gave me two matching angles…hope that all makes sense? 

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Thanks for stopping by and the kind words!

I've begun reshaping, refining....working on the engine nacelle fronts

The real deal has a nice flowing line separating the prop hub boss from the engine air intake, the kit is slab sided and square, I've tried to remedy that...in progress here

The one on the right is under way:



and a front view of those slab sides;



again, the right one is "fixed" the left isn't



aaannd adding some panels, it'll need vents and scoops and whatnot as well


Thanks for looking

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