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Academy F-16I "Sufa" finished


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Thanks men!

Funny I got anything done reading all those articles about Border models Lancaster.

I was really amazed at how an F-16 could look so formidable with all this....stuff, attached to it. It sure changes the appearance of the little fighter.

So, I splashed some paint on it last night, I had bought a pack of Vallejo paints labeled "Israeli Air force Colors" but had my doubts about using them (I can have the weirdest things happen with Vallejo paints) I used the light ghost grey on the bottom but went with my favorite Tamiya acrylics on the top...

Sanding and paint makes me the modeller I ain't




Touch up work now and then back to construction

Thanks for looking


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Thanks for the kind words guys! Sure helps keep me rolling. I began installing the gazzilion decals this morning and have most of the upper surface done, part of the lower surface….ok that’s a lie, or at least an exaggeration, I put3 decals on the bottom and a few on the pylons, lots more to go!

I’m really lucky here and very happy, I usually (almost always as a matter of fact) have trouble with decals but these ones are going on perfectly…so far.

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