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Restoring/Rejuvinating Revell/Takara 1/32 Kawanishi N1K1-Ja Shiden?

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Don't forget about the photo-etch set produced by Brengun.  It's designed for the N1K2 however, there might be useful items.

As Rick mentioned above: The struts are different lengths.  One of the main reasons for the N1K2 was to simplify the over complicated strut retraction system on the N1K1 with the gear struts needing to be compressed when retracted in flight.  I recall reading about this somewhere.    

 Not sure the link below will works but a couple nice pictures of the N1K2 cockpit built up are on the Brengun site.  



Question:  Isn't there a paint company that makes the right shade of Kawanishi green color?  I also recall the N1K1 had the earlier lighter shade of Kawanishi green.  


Good luck on your project.  Love the lines on both N1K1 and N1K2.  



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Hoping this all works out for the best.  I have one built up (Revell kit from the 90's). Mark kindly made molds of the canopy section for me which I lost the center frame section in a move.  I moved 4 times in the last ten year and final have it ready to work it in the rotation to get it up on its legs.  I also have an unbuilt kit that I bought from a fellow LSP "great friend" for a seriously awesome price.  The old Revell N1K1 kit is awesome value for this vintage kit.


Some one mentioned the 1:48 scale offering?   Hmmmmmmm.   Go big or go home.   LOL..  


All the best gent's.    

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