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Rhodesian Air Force Hunter FGA.9


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Here are some early shots.  I have the Tru Details cockpit, some resin wheels and a metal pitot tube, plus some nice decals from the interwebs.  Instrument dials are RAF jet instrument dials from AirScale.  Still working on the bang seat and painting in additional button and switch detail for the front office.


Haven't settled on ordinance, but discovered that Shapeways has some nice potential options.




More to come, as they say!







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  • TimW changed the title to Rhodesian Air Force Hunter FGA.9

More progress.  Still doing some touch ups and decals for the bang seat.    Question for viewers at large:  did Rhodesian AF Hunters have all the stencils on them?  Or were they just painted over when the camo job was added?  Hard to tell from the pics I've seen, but it looks like they were mostly painted out.









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Funnily enough, once you get done with the cockpit the main assembly goes pretty quickly.  I should be ready to start painting soon.


Fit a bit problematic in places (or maybe that's just me, so gave kit a gray colored primer to identify seams and other goof ups on my part.


Again, pics to come.


Thought about putting bombs on this, only I'm not sure what the bomb rack would look like for bombs--perhaps I could snitch the ones from my Roden Lynx kit (a failure, I'll have to get a new kit at some point).  


Otherwise it's fuel tanks and rocket pods...


Anyone have any thoughts?




Tim W

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So, the Golf bombs available from Shapeways look very nice--and I'm pinching the bomb racks from my moribund Lynx kit (will be getting a replacement to restart that one at some point).


Painting has started.  Once the main camo is done, I'll start with the fading, weathering, etc.



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