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Rhodesian Air Force Hunter FGA.9


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On 7/30/2021 at 8:39 AM, mozart said:

How faded do you want it? :)  This is the rather sad looking example in the aviation museum at Gweru, Gwelo as was:








In fact all the aircraft were rather sad looking but interesting nonetheless!

Wow...that's pretty beaten up.  But I think I'm on to something, mostly with paint fading and then the black/acrylic "glop" treatment.

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The latest.  At least I know I put enough weights in!






More to come--working on the drop tanks and will be ordering the 450 kg Golf Bombs from Shapeways soon.   Still a fair amount of touching up etc to do, but with a few exceptions this is not a difficult kit to get together.   I've left off some of the cockpit details, seat--they'd end up broken if I put them on now.


Stay tuned,


Tim W.

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26 minutes ago, Sepp said:

Nice work, Tim!  Did you use the kit's landing gear legs, or SAC copies? Still vacillating between the two for mine... 

I went with the kit parts.  They seem to be holding up OK.  The only things I left off were the little struts for the smallest, upper-most door.  There is no clear locating information and after about an hour of frustration, I dropped them (literally).


I'll live with the inaccuracy...


Going to mix up some different variations in the camo colors next.


Tim W.

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Sepp, if you can find a set, the G Factor legs are the best. The undercarriage and doors are the most difficult and frustrating area to do on the Hunter.   
Tim, it’s coming along beautifully! 

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Started decaling.  Am putting some of the more prominent stencils on, but not all of them.


Based on photos it's hard to see any.   Added the ballsy cat decal--couldn't resist!


Once done, I'll flat coat this beast and then get on with more weathering and then obtaining and adding the ordinance, fuel tanks, etc.


Tim W





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