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Test flight of He 219 V1

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2 hours ago, Old Dog said:

Wow, nice find ! Kinda looks like maybe the hydraulic pump wasn't up to the task.

That was my thinking as well. It would appear that the pump unit was small, along with the relevant plumbing in the airframe compared to the volume required by the three gear actuators. The sequence appears the same throughout the video, with the left main, then right main, then nose gear retracting in order. Now, I am not certain what kind of pump they were using, whether it was engine driven off the left side, or if it was an electric pump that was actuated by the position of the selector off of the gear handle. But, the actuator closest to the pump would get the fluid first, followed by the next unit and so on.....


I need to go do some research now. Excellent quality video.


THOR    :ph34r:

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8 hours ago, Chek said:

I've often wondered how HE 219 crews rated their survivability chances in a crash.

Because of the large plexiglass canopy? 

At low altitude not more than any other aircraft of the time, I believe, but higher up the crew had ejector seats to escape and that would give them a better chance!



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1 hour ago, Chek said:

I was thinking of being up close and personal at the front of any impact at all.

They would have a front row seat to any crash but would also be in many other twins of the time: He 111, He 177, Do 217 and the Bleheim Mk1 to name a few.



PS: one of the first prototypes broke up upon landing but the crew walked away so maybe not too unsafe.

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Alain, thanks for posting this footage. I’m pretty sure the aircraft shown is the V3 prototype. It’s an incredibly impressive aircraft, and it looks great without antlers. Very little nodding when taxiing over rough ground, which is a little surprising. 

Lots for us to look at, for sure. Thanks again, Alain.



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