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Yes, the Firefly IV or V has always been near the top of my wish list. Paul Fisher was working on one before the fire. That would have been one spectacular kit. I doubt we will see one in 1/32, unless Infinity comes through for us some day? 


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1 hour ago, GrahamF said:

I seriously considered doing a firefly but it's a lot of work ( and I wouldn't cut corners ) then only to sell 40 odd. Its just not worth it.


I'm not so sure for various reasons. The Firefly saw combat and was used by various countries for years. This is not comparable to prototypes or single user planes used for a short period between wars. I do not think you would sell thousands of them but probably some hundreds. This is what did Hph with their Hornet kits.

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Anyone remember this brand, it's OOP, company went the dodo's way, and right before shop closed i was able to snatch this one.




it was offered as is shown, but also the company had some nice resin detailing stuff, but that was sold separately, so i got it just in time




so the total package looks like this:




And ofcourse clear vac parts are also present.





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20 minutes ago, Jennings Heilig said:

Where I come from we call that a lightnin' bug :)


Well that "lightnin' bug" might be it, but the "sound" of it didn't hold up for long.....

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Thierry, to be honest the PMC vac parts are basic as well, rather sturdy material, but then again good to dig your teeth into  so to speak, and i must say that quality and details are imho acceptable on the resin parts.

For instance the tail/fin part is resin, which is surprising (could also have been formed fixed to the fuselage) but it sure helps to have both cockpits presented among other items.

But it's a pitty for sure that Paul wasn't able to finish his Firefly project, a MK IV is an awesome aircraft.....

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