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Best 109E? Eduard, Cyber Hobby/Dragon, or Trumpeter?

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5 hours ago, ziggyfoos said:

I rarely only buy one thing from Europe, I always try to make it worth my while by ordering several items.

Ordering direct from HGW, I can buy three kits there with $32.54 shipping to US (or I can buy 25+ for the same $32.54 shipping). Granted each kit cost is about $112 there vs $96 at Hannants, but they have higher shipping cost.


I had to look it up but I ordered mine directly from HGW and it worked out to $94 CAD for the kit plus shipping back in September. I had a bunch of other stuff as well. It didn't take too long to arrive here either. 



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2 hours ago, LSP_Ron said:

I looks like this kit is now a golden goose egg.  I've looked at all the on-line stores I can think of in North America and none have stock. Even tried Amazon.


I thought this was the Eduard plastic...  so, I ignored it.  Was gonna grab one at Hannants and then found it a little less expensive to get here at BNA.  Nice job, Forumites!


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I have built all three and agree the CyberHobby 109 is the best build.  Having said that though I think both the Eduard and Trumpeter offering build up just fine and I would not hesitate to a 109 kit from either manufactor.



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checked out  hgw and   surprisingly  they only wanted to charge 22 for the shipping hmmm  went ahead and also got he rivet decals for the   fw a 8    I was going to paypal but  their exchange rate was stupid expensive my cc does gives me close to the bank exchange rate

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