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CAD Model of the Packard V-1650-7 Merlin Engine


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Hi guys, I've been working on a CAD model of the Merlin engine for a couple of years now.  I haven't made a ton of progress until recently when I lost my job.  But I have picked up the pace a little to both keep myself busy and put my work out there in case anyone who is in the market might see it and decide to hire me. :D  Anyway, I am currently working on the upper crankcase, the engine block in layman's terms, which I started last December.  I've probably put 4 weeks of dedicated work (if we were counting 8 hour days) into it. At least of week of that was just adding fillets. In CAD the parts are modeled with straight edges then rounded over at the end using the fillet command (pronounced fil it instead of fi lay).  Here's a few of the latest images of the progress. Modeling and rendering are done in SolidWorks.






Those two were done a week ago, I've since added in a ton of holes and changed things up a little so the new work would stand out going forward.








The gray areas denote the original "casting" while the blue areas denote the "machining" features. I've still got a ways to go on it but I'll try to keep you guys up to date on it.


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Forgot to mention which CAD I'm using
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WOOHOO!!!! The crankcase is done!!!! After about a billion holes and a lot of other machining the part is complete.  I decided to do a couple of renders to celebrate.




I also played around with the materials in a few renders, but here's what I settled on.




I did a little work on the BOM as well, so it looks like next up I will be doing several of the main bearing cap studs.

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Yes, they are available on aircorpslibrary.com.


On another note, since I'm posting, I might as well add that I've posted a new page to my blog just now. Oh yeah, I've also updated my grabcad page with the finished model of the crankcase casting.  I've included an STL file this time because that format is more accessible to most non-cad users.

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