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Most elegant post WW-2 design ?

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On 11/17/2020 at 1:49 PM, Erwin said:



Hunter: 6


Concorde (airliner): 4


Mirage: 3


SR-71: 2

Su-27: 2


F-117: 1

Seahawk: 1

VC-10 (airliner): 1

Starship (civil): 1

F-16: 1

B 1: 1

P180 Avanti: 1

F-86: 1

B-57: 1

Boeing 707 (airliner): 1

L-1049 (airliner): 1

Tomcat: 1

CF-105: 1

F-15: 1

Pl-11: 1

Vigilante: 1

Rafale: 1



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Avro Vulcan anyone? This aircraft always impressed the audience at airshows in Canada when it made it over this side of the Atlantic. 

What a majestic beast!


John Dibbs photo...of course



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