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1/18 modern pilot figure

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Hello all-


I asked Norbert from Reedoak if the was possible to scale up one of his outstanding pilot figures to use in the Hobby Boss 1/18 scale AV-8B Harrier.

He was able to adjust the design and get it uploaded to Shapeways. Thanks Norbert for all the work it took to do this.


Please- if it’s too expensive for your taste, kindly leave that comment to yourself. Norbert has no control over what Shapeways charges. This is a very special product that will appeal to a few of us. For those of you interested, here it is







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Norbert has plenty of other subjects that would be good candidates for this scale too!

There's no doubt that a good quality figure really brings a model to life and this one would certainly do that.

The price is irrelevant if it's what you really want. Just ask multi millionaire art collectors about their passion, same for rare cars etc. etc.

Yes it's a lot of bucks, but so are top of the range golf clubs!!

I'm seriously tempted, must save more pennies though.  

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3 hours ago, Confusionreigns178 said:

As much as I'd like to buy one, that price is just plain crazy (pun intended). I would pay maybe £20 - £30 for a 1/18th pilot figure and that's pushing it, to be honest. 



this is the type of comment I politely asked that we avoid.


oh well.



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Hello Pete 


Well I  see Norbert From Reedoak has created  some 

Stunning  figures with exquisite  detailing in the past  just like THIS ONE.


:punk:   :yahoo:



So having  seen your previous figure work,

your painting and shading etc ; I think Pete, you will

make these  new figures look amazing. 


Your skills on the figure painting  etc will greatly enhance Norbert's 

1:18 Pilot figure.

look forward to your new interesting project.

.Thank you.


MARU 5137.



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