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PR.XI & Mk.Vc - Revell Mk.IXc & Mk.IIa kits


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photo recon birds never do anything for me (in any guise) but having followed the build I will say that it's superbly done


but the Vc.... YES!!!


I love the colours and the faded effects


i can almost feel the Malta sun about to hit the back of my neck (I wish - it's about 15 degC outside lol)


couple of things:

first one looks like an 'oops' - a splodge of paint at the front of one of the fuel tanks?

second more a question of approach - have you thought about more weathering / dirt / maybe hairspray chipping on the wing roots? the minimal chipping I could see on the starboard wing panel looks a bit out of place

this is a Vc so no machine guns right? so the chipping on the MG panel out there looks a bit odd


anyway, these are but trifles!


i have a handful of Malta Spits planned - all from the Cauchi book - and the lack of a decent kit is putting me off but seeing this completed makes me really want to crack open the box and get cutting as soon as I finish my cup of tea!


thanks for sharing the journey and the inspiring work



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Sorry Nick, the Vc armament was the same as any other c wing: either two cannon (hence the wide bulge over the cannon bay) or one cannon and 2 x .303 machine guns. This has a cannon stub in each outboard cannon position so two mgs were probably fitted. But of course evidence for this particular a/c will supersede that.


I'm afraid we must agree to differ on PR birds as well, but that's just my preference.  :) 


Great pair of Spitfires, love them. Well done. :goodjob:

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