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Junkers D1 Speed Build FINISHED!!

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I have been busy with several large complex builds and realised that time was getting away from me with our local model show fast approaching.

I searched the stash for a quick project that I could complete in time and challenged myself to actually finish something in time.......Oh look something shiny!!

Focus Simpson I told myself and ended up choosing what I hope to be a project that fits the bill.

1, Quality kit that will actually fit together.

2. Simple air frame.

3. Cool looking.

Here is what I went for.


And here is the particular scheme.



Full of enthusiasm I have removed the major sub-assemblies from the trees and cleaned them up in preparation for reaching for the glue.

As WNW kits have very tight tolerances,  I have taped up the mating surfaces prior to priming and paint.










Back soon with day 2 (with luck!!)

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build complete
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Thanks guys!!

on to DAY 2

I have painted much of the interior, After undercoating with Tamiya rattle can fine surface primer all parts got a solid coat of SMS black followed by Alclad aluminium.

Hairspray was applied prior to Gunz RLM 02 then the 02 was chipped.

Details were picked out with tamiya enamel.

A light wash with Mig neutral wash finished up the parts.






Cables added from lead wire



More to follow, thanks for stopping in.

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A small update this time.

The engine is complete, painted in Alclad and then given a coat of MIG neutral wash to grime it up a bit.

I wired up the first 2 cylinders on the port side as these will be the only visible cylinders once the engine covers go on.





I have also completed the dash.




Next time I hope to have the internals together and get the fuselage halves together.

thanks for looking in.

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DAYs 4-7

I have completed the interior and am now ready to close up the fuselage.

As one would expect fit was excellent!!

The seat was painted in artists oil paint to replicate the leather on the real item, Wingnuts belts were used. I have always used Wingnut belts on wingnut builds, I really like them and don't feel the need to use aftermarket items in this area.











Next time I should be able to show you guys an airframe!!

Thanks for stopping by.

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DAYS 7-14

I have an airframe!

Everything went together well, careful assembly is rewarded with nil fit issues.

The kit was masked up then sprayed with Tamiya rattle can fine surface primer, then the undersides were black based while the topsides received a little pre-shading.

I diverged from Wingnuts recommended Tamiya colour mixes for the light blue and green instead using MRP FS 34227 Green for the upper surface green and MRP FS 35622 Light Blue for the lower surface blue.





Then came the "fun part" camouflage!

As the real aircraft had its purple camouflage hand painted I went the same route. The recommended Wingnut mix of Tamiya purple/flat earth/white was mixed from Tamiya enamels, I used enamel as it brushes much better than acrylic and hand painted the airframe referencing the Wingnut colour guide.

It looks stark at the moment however it will be weathered then covered with a grey green overspray as per the 1919 version I am portraying.






As always thanks for stopping by

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