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  1. Picked this up during the Squadron sale last week.... IMG_0036 by jettman1968, on Flickr
  2. @dashotgun yes me too, its one of the most recognizable ships of all time if you ask me.... doesn't look like there is much interest in this model which is somewhat surprising to me. Its a must have for me....
  3. https://www.megahobby.com/products/preorder-rms-titanic-ocean-liner-1-200-trumpeter.html
  4. @Michael931080 I bought these online. The astronaut figures I bought from https://www.facebook.com/Space-Helmet-Models-438055056281252/ and the rocket kits I bought from http://www.realspacemodels.com/ Cheers!
  5. Something a little different to build arrived today.... IMG_3454 by jettman1968, on Flickr
  6. was looking for one of these... now I have it! got it yesterday IMG_3474 by Greg Lancaster, on Flickr
  7. another couple of kits at my door today... IMG_3462 by Greg Lancaster, on Flickr
  8. you can't go wrong with an Academy 1/32 F-18, they are one of the best 1/32 kits Ive ever built.. Ive not built any of the Trumpeter 1/32 F-18s but have all 3 in the stash, im a wee bit scared of them.. lol
  9. new kit... IMG_3457 by Greg Lancaster, on Flickr
  10. this is currently an active build on my bench and id say its really up to where you want the level of accuracy to be... Every kit is going to have something that isn't exactly scale to the real thing. If you feel compelled to make it "The Most Scale Possible", go for it! Zacto has replacements that according to reviews Ive seen bring them up to snuff...
  11. its really an awesome kit. I wanted the Platinum version of this kit since I had heard such great things about Revell's Platinum kits, particularly their ships... it took a while to find one but upon opening the box I see why they are so highly recommended... gonna be a blast building it and its huge!
  12. another boat just came in today.... IMG_3450 by Greg Lancaster, on Flickr
  13. ive been on a bit of a boat trip lately... here is the latest just arriving IMG_3451 by Greg Lancaster, on Flickr
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