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These things are in my stash (and i am a weak person), therefore i can't resist to start a build in this group.

I request clemency as this is my first build in LSP forum and also my first German WW2 model (this is far from beeing my favorite subject). 

Anyway, this kit and all the aftermarket stuff was in the cellar, I don't remember when and how it came there, but this GB is the opportunity to open the boxes.

I am not a rivet counter nor a Luftwaffe specialist, so some deviations can be taken during this build and paint ...


Here is the well known boxart :



And all the after market that were given with this box (probably a batch on ebay with other 1:35 kits)


CMK kit 5024 (bulkhead)  is obviously redundant with CMK 5026 (complete interior set). Some parts are also both in EDUARD 32634 and in CMK, I have to check wich one is easier to use.

Next and first step will be the build of the cockpit.





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13 minutes ago, mozart said:

I'll be following this build, quite fancy a Ju88 myself but it would have to be a G6. 


The updated G-6 set from AIMS is really nice Max,  I have a few of the resin parts of it for my G-10 and it's a big improvement over the original.


Regards. Andy 

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