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RCAF SPITFIRES.. Mk XIVe..duel build.

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  • 3 weeks later...

 Thanks for the kind comments..  Update...Try to answer some questions here..We are just about ready to lay some paint...do have some fasteners ,rivets,and a bit of touch ups yet to finish up..not too much..few days.

Just to let you know..no one makes a griffon set for the Tamiya kits..not yet anyway..I hear Radu might be  working one up.Now I took the Warbirds nose and re worked it to fit,a lot of premeditated planning and dry fitting...(There is a very slight downward angle on the front engine ...that was a challenge) ,then re cast my own.went through a lot of silicon rubber,mold release and resin as we made a few other parts as well.   The hollow noses were "Tacked" into place with some CA..then when I was happy with the position went in and back filled the join with two part epoxy putty,a dark grey putty think it's called "liquid steel" when it sets up you can't even sand it,a very strong connection ,from there we carried on with re establishing rivets,panel lines,fasteners.  The final primer is Tamiya fine grey.I decant and thin with lacquer thinner for  better coverage..just spraying it from the can will fill up and cover a lot of fine detail that you sweat over,small repairs and touch ups are easier as well. There is a list of changes made to both..shorter ailerons,change to elevators,new hatches in the fuselage,blasting out the rad areas under the wings and blending in larger new ones,getting the spinners and prop blades where I wanted them and casting replacements,etc...to long to list.and that takes time.    But very happy to have arrived here.:) 

Cheers for now...let's keep it fun..Bill.












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4 hours ago, nmayhew said:

would love to see an update on these


and even if no update, could you provide a bit more info on how the resin noses mated up to the Tamiya fuselages?


Was the fit good?


Aren't you worried about the strength of the join?


etc etc


Many thanks



Here you go Nick..and thanks for following.

"Was the fit good?"   No...it sure wasn't..much grinding and re-shaping..not to mention some choice curses. 



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56 minutes ago, D.B. Andrus said:

I have one of those Griffon noses, you've worked a miracle making it fit. Wonderful effort so you shall henceforth be known as St. William-Griffon of Penticton. I bow before your workmanship, dear sir.  :bow:





Thanks DB,,really appreciate it......sorry to tell you but my lovely wife officially named me years ago..there was a ceremony and everything.

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