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A-1H Skyraider USN [ZM 1/32]

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi !


Started painting the beast. Paintbrush as usual.


I originally planned to install the engine assembly at the end but it seems it will not go smoothly and I will need some putty and sand paper. So I will install it before the end of the painting.



Loads.. I will use the M57 bombs. I will keep the 4 small rocket launchers for something else and will put 4 HVAR instead.


I hate white !! :unsure:

There's two layers of Hu 130 already and still need at least one, probably 2 others. Then, you can say good by to the panel lines....


Waiting for the paint to dry, I have another funny task: removing the molding seam in the middle of the canopy... :mental:


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More paint... this time the light grey for the upper fuselage and wings. I used Humbrol 166 but I now that it dried I find it a bit too dark. What do you think ?


I also finished to remove the seam on the canopy: micromesh, compound, klir (or Future, depending on how you call it in your part of the world ;)).

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I'm almost done with the beast. I'll try to take picts of the finish models during the weekend.


Latest progress:


I replaced the original static dischargers. they looked to big to me. I used tooth brush hairs.



Metalic pitot tube from Master is a nice replacement for the original one.

Wired antenna is fish wire 0.20 mm covered with metal cote 27003.


Prop blades repainted to replace the too short decals.

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