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A-1H Skyraider USN [ZM 1/32]

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Here's something I am not used to do: a WIP of one of my built.

I've decided to share with you the built of my ZM skyraider.


I digged up a bit in the archives here and found that built to inspire me ;)



The Skyraider is a large plane in real lif. So this will be a big model and I don't know yet where I'll put it when it will be complete. We'll take care of that later. :blink:


I showed you some weeks ago the content of the package brought by Mr UPS.



As ZM does not provide the weapons in the kit, I had to take their addon for the US bombs and rockets. I also took two Rocket launchers from CMK and the gun barrels from Master.

In addition I'll use the textil seatbelts. At that scale I should manage to assemble them without hurting my eyes too much... :wacko:


The kit itself is quick nice. ZM provides a lot of stuff for the ones who want to build it open. This is a good basis for a big scratch built exercise but that's not what I gonna do. I don't really like planes with many panels and doors open.


I'm painting with brush and Humbrol Enamel as usual.


I started just before summer break with the seat and its seat belts. The seat is painted grey 140 and then I showed some wear and  with and dry brush of aluminum 56 and a black juice to finish.



Then the front and lateral panels. Just black 33 and a bit of dry brush to give to give it a bit of depth.

I used the cristal version of the dashboard with the instrument decals. ZM provides also a regualr plastic version with all the instruments engraved.





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Engine is assembled  and paintend. Cylinders are in Humbrol Metal Cote 27002.


There is a little bit of work remaining: I need to add the exhaust pipes and a bit of weathring, wash of black, etc


I don't know yet if I will add all the wires for the spark plugs... we'll see if I can find a bit of motivation... Maybe I'll do only the front cylinders.

You don't see much of the sky engine anyway.





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I started to work on the wiring of the engine... :blink:


While the glue is drying, I worked on the arrestor hook. Problem is that it is built in the early stage of the fuslage assembly and the hook is so close to the fueslage that it will be difficult then for the paint job.




So I followed what Out2gtcha did in his built: I cut it and drilled it.


I glued a metallic shaft (0.7mm) for the assembly at the end of the built. That way I am sure I will not clumsily break it. :unsure:

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Two quick and dirty pics to show you the progress of the day:


Closing of the fuselage halves. ZM gives movable airbrakes but I decided to glue them in closes position.



And the wiring of the engine is progressing. My eyes hurt... :wacko:


I'll do better pics of the engine when it'll be complete.

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I'm calling it a day.


Fuselage is now fully closed with all the panels. A bit of putty was needed for the top air intake that was not fully adjusted.



Engine is  now fully ready: I added all the wires for the spark plugs

The exhaust pipes were drilled then painted with  Metal Cote27003 and then I applyed a brown (Hu70) dry brush.
Black wash on the cylinders.





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I'm back after some holidays and few airshows.


So only little progress:

Wings are finished and gun installed.

You have to follow carefully the wing assembly instructions if you want the hinged system to work properly. There are some additional instructions that can be downloaded from ZM website.

This is quite a smart system actually with the metal rod sliding in a soft plastic part, etc.



I also fitted the wings and fuselage together.

That was the easy part. The fuselage frames go nicely with the wing spars.



And so you can fold and unfold the wings.

I'll see later on with the paint and the weapon loads on the wings out it looks like and if I keep it movable.



I'm afraid the movable wings won't ease the paint and weathering job...

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On 10/6/2018 at 5:37 PM, alaninaustria said:

Coming along nicely, you might want to drill out the anchoring lug that is attached at the base of the arrestor hook. Trump got this part correct - seems ZM provided a blob...




Yep, I did it already. I messed it up a bit but it is still better than the original blob.

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