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Nakajima A6M2-N "Rufe": FINISHED !

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I dunno, but here is a very complete kit build/review that I think you should study carefully:




Especially notice the need for weights in the main float.


As for which paint, as an old hand-bristle-brush painter, I have found Testors MM enamels and acrylics to be very good so I couldn't say, but here is a page with a commentary on Humbrol:





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Irwin !  where have you been ?

It's not nice to run off like that .




Have fun anyway  :popcorn:

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Looking good Erwin! 


Is it grey or cockpit-colour behind the seat under the glass ?




IIRC, the cockpits themselves were all Nakajima interior green (close to RAF interior green) but I believe that back turtle deck area was usually black, same as the IP hood:



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