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Greek 60th aniversary C-130H 1/48

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What is imgur, pray tell?

It's an online hosting service for images, much like Photo****it used to be. The format is a little more social-media-like, but it does the job...

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Sooo, been a while since I did something on this one, had to finish my SBD first. Had to repair the seam on top of the fuselage between the wings. Then paint touch up and started decaling the beast.

Ok it's not LSP per say, but it is an LP! Try manipulating it for painting and you'll see that it is a large object!




The paint I used is good old Humbrol, pre-shading first and then blend everything. Clear coat after to get ready for decals.




This is the stage I love the most, decals!




Except for walkways! And I thought that F-16 was a pain in the...!




This is sheet one, there's four sheet total for stencils! So have to hurry up have a thight dead line, should be done for Torcan at the end of may! Still have to do the wheels, paint the flaps and wheel bays, finish the flaps.....

Lot of work to do but should make it for may!



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