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Pfalz D.IIIa Trifecta - Jasta 18 kit is completed

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3 Pfalz III's ready for inspection this week between TJTX's gorgeous build and my time at the bench, does that equate to a single Pfalz IX?

Jasta 18 Pfalz is now finished as well after a marathon session today. Kit decals, Aviattic cookie-cutter lozenge on the undersides, Gaspatch Spandaus. Red is Mr Paint Richtofen's Red, sprayed over Mr Surfacer white primer.











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Great builds Mike!

Thanks for sharing.

Question on the Jasta 18 build, did you paint wing red first then apply lower lozenge?

And did you trim the leading edges of the lozenge decals, or just apply as they come?

It appears the red wraps slightly around the leading edge.


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Thanks all,

I had a double quick build thread gong on here but the Photobucket clusterfark has effectively killed that. Most of the m progress pix of the two are in one of my Imgur albums here though: https://imgur.com/gallery/VoMQn


Aircare84- entire airframe was painted white (I left it as the mr surfacer white primer), lozenge applied, and then red painted afterwards. Lots and lots of layers of the red to build up the deep glossy colour that it has, well worth the extra spray time :)

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