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Bf 109E WNr.4101 "Black 12"

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This was a quick build of an old Hasegawa 1970s-vintage (I think) Bf 109E.  I set out to do a straight OOB build, but couldn't resist using MDC instrument decals and an HGW seat harness to dress up what was going to be an open cockpit.  As the kit decals weren't very usable, I raided my spares and generics, and ended up with this.


Originally built by Erla Mascinenwerke as W/Nr. 4101 in September 1940, it became briefly Yellow 8 of 6./JG52, then Black 12 of 2./JG51.   It was shot down and force-landed at Manston 27/11/1940.  The aircraft is now back in its original "Black 12" guise in the RAF Museum.


I omitted all armament, as the pictures I saw clearly show no wing guns, the holes being patched over.  The cockpit canopy was removed at Rolls-Royce when the aircraft was flown by test pilot Mr Harvey Heyworth, who was over six feet tall; the canopy subsequently mislaid.


Some more info here http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=18922.0

and full story here: https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/documents/collections/78-AF-624-Bf109E-4101.pdf


And on with the pics.  Not my best model, but a great mojo-restorer.












Thanks for looking.

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Nice build Mike!  :thumbsup:


I spent a day with the guy that captured that very aircraft and pilot at Manston. In fact, he still had Wolfgang Teumer's Schwimvest and flying helmet that he "acquired" as souveniers. We took him to the BoB museum at Hawkinge, the two museums at Manston, the BoB Capel Le Ferne memorial and had lunch at the Jackdaw Inn. We even got him to try his hand at the Link trainer at Manston.


This was Squadron Leader Gerald Scott of 16, 225 and 169 Squadrons. He flew Lysanders, tank buster Hurricanes and Mustangs. Top bloke!


Best regards;

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