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Tamiya’s 1/32 F-16CJ Converted to an Israeli Barak

Spaced Marine

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I've always loved the looks of the F-16, even more so when it wears Israel's colors and markings.  When the opportunity arose to trade for a 1/32 Tamiya F-16CJ with Isradecals, additional resin, and Isracast conversion parts, I took it (A big THANK YOU to Petrov27 here on LSP).  When the very large box arrived last week, I began to explore my options. (That's actually his picture)




My first inclination was to build it as a Barak (Hebrew for Lightning) of 101 Squadron (First Fighter Squadron) with its distinctive large winged skull emblem. 




But after looking over the decals and my book on the Barak, the tail art of 117 Squadron, The First Jet Squadron, really took my fancy.  




But the problem was 117 Squadron flew block 30 F-16's, and they were small mouth (NSI intake) block 30's.  To build this I'd have to cross pollenate the intake from a 1/32 Tamiya F-16 Thunderbirds kit to build a plane from this squadron. 


Then I exchanged emails with Ra'anan Weiss of Isradecals.  He said plane 360,




is one of the few IAF block 30 F-16's with the large mouth, or MCID, intake.  Problem solved.  He's even sending me one of the squadron's 60th anniversary decals for the tail base.


The first thing I've done, is problem solve how to fit some of the aftermarket bits for this plane.  The Aires exhaust pipe fits spot on.




And the detail is awesome.




I must be careful aligning the inner and outer parts.  They're slightly off in that picture, but they will look killer painted.  Speaking of paints, I picked these up to lend a hand with the camouflage on this bird:




I'll have some pictures of work being done soon.  The first thing I'm going to tackle is the Aires gear bays.  They fit well enough, but it's going to take a little work to make it just right.

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I continued work on the engine parts last night.  The outer feathers were sprayed a combination of Alclad2 Jet Exhaust, Pale Burnt Metal, and Steel in various layers and mottling to vary the appearance.  A drybrush of Citadel Boltgun Metal was the last step to impart a little shine to the feathers.


I'm not certain how I'll do the black scrub wedges (for lack of a better term) on the side of each feather.  What you see know is a fine application of Citadel Nuln Oil shade.  I think it might work in thin enough layers.

I painted the ceramics inside the exhausts with Tamiya Deck tan, then many highly thinned layers of Nato black, red brown, and finally a misting of super thin (95% or more (91% rubbing alcohol to paint) of Tamiya flat white.  I then masked off the ceramic parts and drybrushed them with Citadel Pallid Wytch Flesh, which is a very pale off white color. 


I'll continue from here after work tonight.  I still need to add the characteristic streaking seen inside the F-110 exhaust.  I think it's time to drag out the trusty old pastel chalks from here.

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I started over again on the engine nozzle assembly.  After consulting my books, I just wasn't happy with how it looked.  Paints alone were not replicating what I was seeing in the pictures of the burned ceramic in the burner can, so I went back to the drawing board.

I started by spraying the inside with a mix of NATO black and deck tan, making a good flat dark base.  Then I used several layers of powdered graphite from an artist's stick, and the burnt metal Tamiya weathering sets to get a suitable burnt metal look.


Then I sealed the burned effect with a Vallejo satin varnish shot through my airbrush.  Once this had set, I thinned down and sprayed a coat of Citadel Screaming Skull paint.  This is a creamy, bone color from the Citadel game range.  I love Citadel paints.


Once this was dry to the touch, I tried an experiment I had been thinking of.  I moistened a q-tip (cotton bud) with a little Vallejo airbrush cleaner.  This is where sealing the previous layers with the satin varnish comes into play.  I used the q-tip to remove the tan paint from the high points of the nozzle detail, effectively creating the burn patterns I've seen in pictures of the GE f-110 engines.


A final coat of AK Interactive Ultra Matte Varnish finished the effect.


I think that will do nicely. 

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I've the same project, with the Isracast conversion.

Still have to find the decals, as Isradecal sheet for F-16C is sold out everywhere.

I've contacted Ra'anan Weiss some weeks ago, and he told me that there must be a new release soon, including the aggressor squadron markings.

Can't wait!

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They say the third time is the charm…

When it comes to painting this exhaust pipe, it must be!  It has taken three attempts to paint the exterior turkey feathers, but I'm satisfied with the outcome.  The hold up, was masking the black wedged on each petal.  They are still not 100% even to each other, but it's the best I can do.  That and its eating up a lot of masking tape!


Next I mixed a drop or two of Alclad magnesium into some thinned down Tamiya NATO black.  I would have never thought of mixing Alclad and Tamiya until I some someone do it to replicate the Have Glass paints that USAF F-16's and the F-35 wears.   36148614395_ee20cd08f3_k.jpg

I will have to do a little clean up with some Citadel colors on the wedges, but that's all part of the weathering process.  The base metallic was an eyeballed blend of Alclad Steel, Magnesium, and Pale Burnt Metal.  Just a few drops into the color cup until I liked the shade shot over a base of NATO Black mixed with Steel.  I didn't want a shiny exhaust pipe.  By the time I'm finished weathering it, the appearance will be even more matte. 

I hope to wrap up the exhaust here soon so I can move onto the wheel bays. 

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