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  1. Sales are now over, and its a good thing! Two WNW for less than 100€ each. And from Italeri, -20% on each of those two kits
  2. Indeed, same as the previous P-47 rebox from Ed. Usually priced around 85/90€ over here, and got it for +/- 60€, which is fine to me. The boxart print is nice, as well as the metal plate, but this last item could have been left aside to lower the price. Or at least Ed could have made two version of the package, with or without.
  3. Sales time a my LHS. An average 25€ less on the normal price for each kit.
  4. The plastic side of last weeks arrivals. Something to do with Vietnam, it seems.
  5. By the way, any links for Rhino? Search on eBay gives nothing...
  6. A big thanks to you all, guys. Ed's stuff already secured, exhaust, wheels and sparrows that is, together with Aires pit. Next are Zacto's Winders, and I'll look more closely at the seamless intakes alternatives.
  7. Hi there, I'm about to tackle Tamiya's F-4J, and I'm wondering about all the addons available, what is really needed, and what is not. My initial plan was to buy: - Eduard Brassin set of wheels - Eduard Brassin set of seats - Eduard Brassin set of exhausts That's the minimum. Then I'm thinking about getting also: - Eduard Big Ed PE set - A new set of AIM-9D??? Questions are, is the Big Ed set really useful? I know about an AIM-9B set, but where to source some AIM-9D? Is there anything that I'm missing? I'm already aware of the tweak list, and I've also the decals needed for the aircraft I want. Thanks in advance
  8. Catching up for the last few months. Two tigers, old and young. And a beautiful Night Stuk'
  9. My Z. Not looking too good at the moment after three years outside and a bit left aside, but hopefully, I'll have time to take better care of her in the near future. Step one will be shock absorbers complete set change. Any bike topic somewhere? Sunny afternoon in Brittany Different weather at Roanne....
  10. Got to get myself an AOA decal sheet for this one. Any other things that might be of some use?
  11. Not really seen that often. I'm planning for a Swedish J9. I think I can find the decals at Rebell's, but do you guys have any idea about where I can find some stuff, like a resin P&W R-1830-45, or documentation (IIRC, there was a Mini In Action from Squadron?).
  12. Thanks to the reviews made by LSP members!
  13. I've always been very fond of the Hurry, when I saw this one at bargain price on eBay. A quick look at the reviews I found over here, click on "buy", and the kit landed at home yesterday, my first 1/24 aircraft (I've also an 1/24 BMW Z3 from Tamiya, that doesn't count).
  14. Some decals sheets. French Ju 88 and Spit from PT decals ANG/AFRES F-4C/D from SHG
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